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Application for grant of Safirian citizenship

Please fill this form out TRUTHFULLY, COMPLETELY, AND IN BLACK INK. Failure to do so may delay or preclude processing of your application.

If you have any questions about this form, please consult an Immigration & Customs Officer or visit http://ww31.bic.centre.go.sf/citizenship/.

Section 1: Out-of-Character Information


Pseudonyms are accepted.

Applicants must be at least 13 years of age. (§2 Citizenship Act 2413) In addition, applicants under the age of 16 may not hold publick office in the Safirian Empire. (§3 Citizenship Act 2413)

Method/s of contact:
It is suggested, though not required, to provide an off-board means of contact should these fora become unavailable.

Other micronational characters and citizenships:
Although there are currently no such restrictions in place, the Empress may at her discretion proscribe dual citizenship in Safiria and certain enemy states. (§4 Citizenship Act 2413) Furthermore, listing other micronational characters and citizenships is useful for storyline purposes.

Background information:
Not required, but may be useful for storyline purposes.

Section 2: In-Character Information

Legal name:

Please list all names known, including caste, rank, title, suffix, and any former names, where applicable.

Date of birth:
Applicants must be at least 13 years of age. (§2 Citizenship Act 2413) In addition, applicants under the age of 16 may not hold publick office in the Safirian Empire. (§3 Citizenship Act 2413)

Place of birth:
Failing to list place of birth may delay or preclude Natural Insurance membership and/or processing of this application.

Listing your race is not required, but listing your species is.

Please list 'male', 'female', or 'other', as appropriate; and if 'other', please explain.

Expedited processing may be available to applicants working in certain high-demand fields.

Province and subdivision of residence:
If your Province of residence is a Dominion, Colony, Trust Territory, or Materials Concession, please list such. Furthermore, please note that residents of certain provinces are not eligible for naturalisation. (§5 Citizenship Act 2413)

Background information:
Not required, but highly useful for storyline purposes. Feel free to write as much as you like.

Not required, but feedback is welcome.

Known provinces and their subdivisions include:

  • Metropole: The Safirian mainland and heart of the Empire. (Map)
    • Aňira — The capital city-state of the Metropole, and thus of the Safirian Empire.
    • Cavia — The homeland of the Safirian rancher, and most of the nation's livestock and dragons.
    • Evari — The cultral and artistic center of the Metropole. Its capital, Miše, is home to the Empire's oldest library.
    • Macure — A farming-dominated state, home to the majority of Safiria's agricultural businesses.
    • Małena — The summer sports capital of Safiria, home to more amateur sports teams than any other subdivision, mainly on account of the year-round warm weather.
    • Qalani — Another city-state, this one the former capital of the Safirian Empire and still the Metropole's largest city.
    • Seivai — The seafood capital of the Metropole, home to the vast majority of its fish farms and other aquacultural businesses.
    • Umaront — The center of the Safirian economy, and of the people that make it work.
    • Varhaiet — The largest of the nine Metropolitan states, comprising almost all of the mainland's northern border; and also the winter sports capital of the Empire.
  • Reiland Dominion: Safiria's main holding on the planet Micras, approximately 7,500 light-years from the Metropole.
  • Seraphs' Sandbox Colony: A sanct, or seastead, off the coast of Micras Colony. Formerly part of the Shirithian, then Antican, subdivision of Straylight.
  • Menþe Materials Concession: A lithium mining concession on the planet Menþe, approximately 300 light-years from the Metropole.

Of course, should you wish to build your own province from the ground up, that's perfectly doable. However, please speak to the Empress first if you wish to add a constituent nation instead of a Dominion, Colony, or Materials Concession.

Seoni Miłarna
Countess of Venira, Head and CEO of the House of Miłarna, Governor of Małena (Safiria)
Lady of Kin'uyama (Natopia)
Member of the Assembly of Carls

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