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    A Declaration

    Postby Verion » Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:22 pm

    סיון / Sivan 19, 5774

    A Declaration from the Free People of Arasha

    הצהרה על ידי האנשים חופשיים של אראשא

    by the hand of Y'aakov ben David, first President of the House of Arasha

    ביד של יעקב בן דוד, נשיא של הבית הראשון אראשא

    The days of our people have been long and the years have been heavy on our hearts. For hundreds of years now we have been a people that is bound to the shores of Arasha by invisible chains of historical, cultural and religious identity. It is only right if we, the Arashi people, no longer accept the limitations and the burdens that are the toll of those without a state. No longer will we dwell the earth as people who cannot say about their place of birth that it is their legal and rightful home.

    The power of God in every man and the strength of the earth in every human being is all the right we need to declare our homeland an independent nation. But we have more than just this. We have, in our hearts, the stories of our forefathers of our people. We have our customs and traditions, which are as much a part of us as are our own limbs. We have all the right one could possibly have to declare independence and self rule.

    Therefore, I, Y'aakov ben David, elected as first among equals by the House of Arasha, on this day declare the Free State of Arasha an independent and sovereign country.

    Our nation will be a home to those who share the same values and cultural bond. We are a nation of brothers and sisters, unified in the ideas, hopes and dreams of our ancestors. We together form this nation. We are all, each of us individually, the Free State of Arasha. Arasha is what is in our hearts, not what is written on a piece of paper.

    Our nation will be a nation of freedom. Our government recognizes that our only duty is to serve and to protect those who reside in our nation. It is neither our place nor our will to be a burden to our citizens but instead we will stand beside every man, woman and child in support and protection to ensure that we all can archieve our dreams and our godgiven right to persue hapiness.

    And it is our strong hope, wish and prayer that our nation will stand in the world as a symbol of peace, a beacon of hope and an example of freedom.

    May god bless Arasha.

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    Re: A Declaration

    Postby Harvey » Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:10 pm

    Have to admit I'm confused and a little saddened by the Maraguo reskin, but you do what you gotta do I guess.
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    Re: A Declaration

    Postby Verion » Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:17 pm

    I will take your sadness as a salute to Maraguo, and its rich history and culture. I join you in saluting that. After contemplating with myself however, I do not think that I have either enough interest in the nation nor enough ideas for cultural expansion to continue the project. I would welcome everyone to take over Maraguo if they are interested and I would be willing to help out but I would be very surprised if someone would stand up now and say that he or she wants to continue the nation.

    For me, it is time to start something new in which I can use my creativity and ideas I have better. I think this is the project for that.

    Also, please note that this forum is only reskinned into Arasha for practical reasons and that it is neither a succesor state of Maraguo nor does it claim the Maraguan territory.
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