[St. Andre] The Prince's Visit

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[St. Andre] The Prince's Visit

Postby Janus Eadric » Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:42 pm


Prince Janus arrived to the city of St. Andre greeted by crowds of people in his first visit to the city since the start of the war. Holding high ranks across the branches of the MSUAF, he always appeared in military uniform. His first stops were to visit local barracks to inspect the troops and visits to several work places around the city.

The day following the Prince's arrival, he visited bombed areas to see the damage caused by enemy attacks.

At 6 pm, the Prince spoke to the people of St. Andre. In his broadcast, he talked of the difficult times ahead and urged the people of St. Andre to stand firm:

My dear Andrinos,

For quite a time now we have witnessed the unprecedented ordeal of war, waged right here in our own lands. After helping in Thalassa and in Neridia to mobilize our troops and defend our country, this is the first time I am able to come here to see you, to see the state of St. Andre and to help inspire more strength and courage into this beautiful land of ours.

The strength and courage shown by our military and by our citizens alike has no match in this planet, and rest assured, that this conflict will ask more of every man, woman and child than ever before. We have before us many, many long months of more struggle and suffering to defeat the Jing foe and their allies. And our commitment must and will always remain the same: to wage war in every corner, in every place, with every ounce of strength and energy we have against the most monstrous and savage of all tyrannies, until we emerge victorious.

In this time of great perils and tribulations, we must not cede an inch of our fortitude to the foe. And rest assured, that the Jings are not our only foes. The subversive elements from abroad, mainly from Passio-Corum, in the form of their so-called religion, they use their influence and their proselytizing missionaries to undermine our country, and to undermine you.

In fact, their followers have been dragging our very citizens outside of the confines of Natopian rule into the Green to sacrifice them to their abominable faith.

We have before us a most perilous and terrible ordeal of the most grievous kind, and we must be careful to watch out for the enemies within and the enemies without.

If we are to grasp victory and overcome this peril, we must be undoubted and resolute in our purpose, which is complete and total victory at all costs, in spite of all terror and fear - we cannot fail. To fail would ensure that more and more of our people are murdered by either the wretched Jing, the wobbly Florians or the filth that is the Stripping Path and the Pallisican movement behind it.

Without a clear victory, there is no survival.

Let us grab our weapons and man every position in defense of our country. Let us spring forth and look under ever crevice, under every rock, under every part of our country and wipe out the threats that aim to take us down from within. And most of all, prepare and fight the threats from without, for they are great and they hold no mercy for our lives. Locusts are an invasive pest, but when fried they make for a delicious meal.

In this perilous situation we will rise, we will win and we will rebuild.

Let's move forward, united, and defeat every foe that dares to turn their guns and their vile ideologies against us.

Dear Bous, save us, strengthen us, keep us. Bous bless St. Andre and Natopia!
His Serene Highness
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