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     Post subject: Maraguan Subdivisions
    PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 4:37 pm 
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    Maraguan Subdivisions



    Enhasa Province

    The Enhasa Province is the most important province of Maraguo, not only is it the province where the parliament and the president reside, but it is also the Province with the largest economy, due to it's large and well developed farms. Enhasa Province is traditionally governed by the leader of the Republic.


    Current capital of Maraguo. While being the largest city of the island, and maybe even the largest of the whole nation, it still is nothing more then a large farmer village. Enhasans have a strong mutual feeling, share with each other and are strong proponents for nature. Most houses, even in the city center, have gardens.
    Through ages, several religious churches have built established their strongholds here. And the city has a rich and well developed culture


    A small town on the eastcoast of Maraguo, Steyn is known for it's white houses and warm summers. The population of Steyn is doubled in holidays for it is the most common holiday destination of the country.


    Known for it's large army base, Wilhelmstad is the best guarded city in Maraguo. Currenly home of the ministery of defence, and the headquarters of the Maraguan Weermacht, it is the ideal place to live if you want to start a career in millitary.


    Ardyboran Province

    The Ardyboran Province is the province with the largest population. The province is considered the most important by some, due to the Navy Base and the trading hub that is Port Malabor and the number of corporations with headquarters in Ardy's Reach. There is quite a large part of the population of foreign descent, mostly Batavians, Jingdaoese and Shirerithians.

    Ardy's Reach

    Built in honour of Ardy who succesfully attacked the enemy forces during the Redoubt Island War. It became an important center and de jure capital of Maraguo Vrystaat. The famous skyline the city once had has vanished during 'the Omen' a mysterious doom that destroyed large parts of the city.
    Ardy's reach is currently one of the largest cities of Maraguo, and is home to many temples of different religions. The greatest sight of the city is the famous Black Keep, which lies on the bank of the Esse river.


    Issud, nicknamed 'The Golden City' is the place where the Maraguan mint and the gold treasury are seated. The city has a history of trade and is one of the richest cities in Maraguo.


    Once the proud capital of Jbeil (the name given by Matbaics to their Maraguan province) but after the Matbaic Era it lost most of its importance. The leave of most of the Matbaics to their homeland made it a ghost town. Nowadays, the life has returned and Maraguan government has began with restoring the ancient buildings. As city it's almost unique: most of it was built in Matbaic style, a building style that has dissapeared from Micras since its collapse.
    It's also famous for its Orthodox citizenry, which exist mostly of descendants from Matbaic colonists.

    Port Malarbor

    Port Malarbor is known as Headquarter of the Maraguan Navy of Maraguo Vrystaat. The town is also an important trading hub for Micras, due to it's position on the world map. When the islands were flying, the town was home to a large space basis. But nowadays, only the Maraguan Museum of Flight reminds us of that old days.


    Jbeil Province

    The Jbeil Province is named after the old Matbaïc name for Maraguo island, Jbeil. The province has a lot of Matbaïc influences, for example in architecture and the habits of the citizens. Jbeil is home to a large number of historic sites and museums.


    A city constructed by the famous Micron architect Var'Eme and commissioned by Andreas the Wise in 3678 ASC to honour the success of the negotiations with Interland to gain most of North Maraguo.
    It became a place where Maraguans honour their war deaths. In the village center there is a Statue of the Known Soldier.


    Nissud Province

    Nissud Province is the northernmost province of Maraguo island. It is also the province least influenced by Maraguan culture. Having been a part of Interland for a long time after the Redoubt island war, the Maraguan claim on the island occured during the Nelagan days. The culture of Nissud is also heavily influenced by Southbatavian settlers and the Calbain population that still inhabits parts of the province.

    De Burgh

    De Burgh is a relatively new town in the Nissud Province, long ago, only a fortress stood on the place but with the several wars on Maraguo, the castle became a safe haven for refugees and expanded to a small city. The castle is still one of the more famous sights in Maraguo.


    Also known as Eduaro or St. Edward, the city of Edwardsbane has a long history. Founded in Matbaic times, it became one of the more important places in the redoubt war, whereafter it became controlled by Interland. It was also very close to the place the first Jingdaoese settlers landed when arriving in Maraguo and has a very mixed culture.


    The city of the lake, Nissud is a well known place for tourism, fishermen and brewers of local beer.


    Thassala Province

    Thassala Province was one of the core regions of the old Jasonia and the Apollo foundation. It is a region with a long and interesting history. It is the more scientific area of Maraguo, which is probably due to it's heritage.


    A city of trade, Merya is one of the trading hubs of Maraguo. Unfortunately, the city was severly damaged in the Calbionese Independence war and only a small town remains nowadays.


    Thassala, also known as Thassala Bone or Whale Bone for it's huge Whale Bone statue, Thassala is defintitvely one of the most important cities of the Jasonia of old. Thassala is not only home to some of the greatest landscapes in the world, but also to the advantaged scientific Apollo Research Centre. So if you have a scientific mind, Thassala is the place to be.


    Nelaga Province

    Nelaga Province is named after the Nelaga territories, the state that Maraguo was part of for some years. Nelaga regarded theirselves as the succesor of Jasonia, and that spirit is still present in the current province.


    Conanil, named after a famous Barbarian, is one of the more sportive cities of Maraguo. Home to several Football teams, it is the place to be for active people.


    Another city damaged during the Independence war. Tyre was one of the richest cities of the world, but is now only a small town living mostly of fishing and trading.



    Dominion of Summerisle

    Summerisle is a former province of Maraguo, but was quickly given the status of Dominion after the Calbionese survivors moved to the island in large numbers. The Maraguan government supported the move and declared Summerisle a celtic island. The old customs and habits of the Calbain are omnipresent at the island.


    The only town on Summerisle Island worth mentioning, the town of Summerisle is a friendly community. Local beers can be bought in the 'Green Man Inn' and if you are lucky, you might meet the landlord's daughter. Summerisle is known for it's traditional customs and delightful ceremonies. Beware of Lord Summerisle though, he is said to have a temper.


    Dominion of Wadonstol

    Wadonstol is a new part of Maraguo, abandoned by Batavia, Maraguo and Wadonstol signed a treaty establishing Wadonstol as a Dominion.


    Known for it's castle, Gebar is a small town in the center of Wadonstol. The medieval setting make the town worth a visit.

    Y Diwedd

    Founded as a pirate's hideout, Y Diwedd is a town at the see which mostly lives from fishing and the trade. It is said that there is still pirates blood in the townsfolk, and that the wealth of the people is only to contribute to monkey buisness.

    1.Eki Aholibamah Verion, Queen of the Holy Realm of the Faithful Tribes of the Great North, Countess of Illumination and Cimmeria, Minister for the Interior and Deputy Minister for Military Affairs
    2. Michael Verion, Imperial General and Landsraadsperson
    3. Ludovic Verion, Lord of Blackstone and Governor-General of the Iron Company
    4. Jeremy Harwinsson Archer, super sleuth

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    PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2013 10:42 am 
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    Nice restoration of ancient and newer cultural heritage. :)

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