Agriculture and Crops of Aryasht

The central territory, historically of Aryalok culture.

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Agriculture and Crops of Aryasht

Post by Aryeztur » Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:30 am

The Aryashti government and social structure place a comparatively high emphasis on the agricultural sector of the economy, and as a result, when Aryasht began to industrialize, one of the main industries become agrobusiness. As a result, Aryasht is one of the most significant producers and exporters of crops in Micras. Aryasht, is for the most part, located in tropical and subtropical areas and is watered by rivers, and is mostly composed of plains, which impacts its agriculture. As such, the tropical areas of Aryasht are similar to the Indian Subcontinent in the real world, while the sub-tropical areas are similar to the Mediterranean climate. The staple crops which dominate the larger part of Aryasht are rice and pulses/lentils. Cows and buffaloes are kept mostly for fertilizer (traditionally) and milk. The primary source of meat for the plains are chickens, which are thus kept in disproportionate numbers to other animals; they are also used for eggs. Other poultry are extremely rare. Some local fishing also takes place, but it is not a major industry. Of course, alternating with the staple crops, numerous fruits and vegetables are grown to supplement the main crops and wheat is grown in drier and cooler regions, especially in the north and west. By far, the most common vegetable in Aryasht are potatoes, which often supplement rice in rockier areas. Flatbread is fairly common throughout Aryasht. The major non-edible product from the plains is cotton, which is the primary source of cloth in Aryasht, wool being rather unnecessary in such a climate.

The hillier areas of Aryasht are more dominated by agribusiness than the plains which also used by many for sustenance. Numerous secondary products are produced in this area including olive oil and wine. More importantly, the industry in hilly areas is dominated by tea production. Aryasht is by far the largest tea producer in Micras, both for domestic consumption and export. Vast tea plantations stretch all along the borders of Aryasht. Saffron is also produced in smaller quantities and often tea and saffron are grown together. The other major produce from the hills are sheep/goats, which are primarily herded for their wool, milk, and meat. Since the majority of red meat in Aryasht comes from these animals, their herding is fairly important. Some of the far outlying regions in the mountains are not very Aryafied in culture and pork and beef are consumed there.

Numerous man-made fruit tree forests and parts of the coastal areas are dedicated to spice production and chili production and the growth of some fruits common in Aryasht such as sugarcane and mangoes.
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Re: Agriculture and Crops of Aryasht

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:yay: The Mango export market to Shireroth will bring our nation great profit.
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