Edict 1644/001

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Edict 1644/001

Post by Verion » Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:45 pm


I, Ludovic Alixion Verion, by the Grace of His Magnificence the Kaiser and by appointment by the Illustrious Minister of the Interior, serving the Imperial Republic of Shireroth as Comes Sacrarum Largitionem and Chief Factor in the Office of Bounties and Factorage, to hereby issue the following edict:

That to counter subversive activities in the Western Benacian provinces of Dietsland, Puritania and Northern Voltrue, a fund will be established to fund the loyal parties in the Confederated provinces. To that end, this office and the Iron Company (Pvt. Ltd. located on the Lordship of Blackstone) have reserved the amount of 500 million erb. Of this number, half shall be provided by this office, and half of which shall be provided by the Iron Company.

The Count and Accountant of the General Tribute in Dietsland, Puritania and Voltrue is hereby appointed to oversee the relocation of funds to the parties chosen by this office.

It is the intention of this office to provide financial aid to loyalist factions in the form of loans, to be paid back after a formal declaration by the Minister of Military Affairs that the situation in our Western provinces is under control. Until that day, the loyalist beneficiaries shall use the funding to increase their strenght and influence to the greater glory of the Imperial Republic.

So issued by my hand in the Palace of the Setting Sun in the Capital city of Shirekeep, in the year year sixteen forty-four Long Count, sixty-three sixty-five Short Count, in the Hour of the Rabid Dog.

1.Titus Morvayne, Prefect of Shirekeep, Count of the Skyla Islands
2.Eki Aholibamah Verion, Queen in the North
3. Ludovic Verion, Lord of Blackstone and Governor-General of the Iron Company
4. Jeremy Harwinsson Archer, super sleuth

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