Jingdao, the benevolent empire
Chibi announces: Today the Chidao Emperor published his ratification of the treaty with the United Batavian States. As a result, the city of Tianhoucheng shall soon revert back to its Batavian name: 's-Koningenwaarde. Zeeburg and the Regent Isles were also transferred. This was an act of benevolence, in return the Jingdaoese Empire only asked that the territories would not be used by the Shirerithian Republic and that the heritage of Queen Sisera was respected. In a years time the Jingdaoese Empire shall retreat its last garrison from Batavian soil, but already our focus is not on Jingdaoese interests, but in helping this Micran phoenix rise from its ashes.

How different does the Shirerithian government act! They have taken the Jingdaoese Batavian treaty as an example, but perverted it. The Shirekeep Republic wishes to appoint Shirerithian judges in Batavia with a vaguely defined jurisdiction, they also refuse to commit to the transfer of Batavian lands to Batavia. "Oh, we'll have a vote on it in a year or so!" they claim. And if they refuse to live under the Shirerithian yoke, they will have to cede Transbatavia!

It is not much different in Floria. Here the Jingdaoese Empire and the Florian Republic are able to negotiate a deal which is beneficial to both nations. the Jingdaoese Empire gained a corridor which connected a province to the mainland. In return Jingdao gave Floria the island group of Nandao. Shireroth then? It bullies Floria, threatening to veto everything it does, from constitutional changes to industrialization. Only because Shireroth can do this according to treaties it forced on the Florians! How childish!

There is only one empire on Micras that has its focus on the common good, and that is the empire that is led by our glorious Heavenly Light!

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  • Buying land

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    Re: Buying land

    Postby M. Lucius Praetor » Fri May 10, 2013 7:46 am

    But perhaps you could clarify your intentions with the land somewhat more? I am sure that that will take a great deal of suspiction away.
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    Re: Buying land

    Postby Thadeus Laing » Wed May 15, 2013 5:07 pm

    The company is now a subsidiary of Commonwealth Global, Inc.
    Therefore 25% of the company is owned by Alexandria, 10% by Shireroth
    and others.

    Basically the intentions of the Real Estate subsidiary of CWG are as follows:

    1. Purchase, Develop, and then Sell or Rent
    2. Purchase and then Sell or Rent without development

    Both of these intentions involving selling or renting. All activities will
    be governed by the laws of the nations in which the land is bought or
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