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    Druud Ergonak: A Surprise Heir Apparent

    Postby Thadeus Laing » Tue Aug 23, 2016 2:57 am

    Later that evening, in the penthouse of Roberto Melanje,
    a few key members of Roberto's entourage are meeting for
    cocktails and a special, much-awaited guest.

    A buzzer sounds at the door. The guard lets the person into
    the main room of the penthouse where everyone is gathered.
    Everyone gasps, as it is Thadeus Lange Jr, carrying with him
    a black leather bag.

    "My good friends, standing before us is my older cousin Thadeus."
    A mild applause erupted across the room. Continued CEO Melanje:
    "He is the only one of us who has lead a nation. Despite my
    obvious power and status as CEO, he is in fact the man--or perhaps
    more than a man--in charge of it all. Even I do not know all his
    secrets. His mother was, it has been said, a Raynorian sorceress.
    He is in fact smarter than me, more well traveled than me, and
    almost always holds the upper hand. But he needs me, since he
    has not been without controversy on occasion, and no one sticks
    closer than family. He is a 100% Melang. He is also on our side."

    "Come now, Roberto, you needn't be so fawning," admonished the
    newly introduced guest. "Dear guests of Roberto, please understand
    that I am a mere mortal. Why, I have contemplated my own death
    many a time. One day, indeed, it shall come; however, I for now
    would like to reprise my role as Chairman of CWG. It is CWG that
    you are all here for, right? I have already seen the guest list. Most
    of you were also present at the official meeting this morning, correct?"

    Most of the other guests, of which there were total ten, except for Roberto
    and the guard at the door, nodded in agreement.

    "Cousin Roberto, you are the consummate capitalist. However after Ergonia
    we have to consider the implications of our work in a holistic manner. Therefore,
    I insist to you all that if there is anything which you take away from my visit
    here tonight--be it that the principles of Scientific Intuitiveness (SciInt) be
    implemented and followed by Commonwealth Global, just as surely as they were
    by Ergonia before its demise 15 years ago."

    More applause and nods of agreement.

    "Now, let me warn you. I am about to go into a lengthy series of statements.
    So if you want to start your audio recorders, that might be a smart idea.

    Ergonia was the ultimate in technological achievement on Micras, rivaled only
    by the Biotopians of yore in Shireroth and perhaps a few other nations.

    However, the underlying philosophy of how to use and apply the technology was
    in a coherent and socially integrated way was unique to Ergonia as far as I can

    Ergonia as a nation no longer exists, but the inhabitants of the "green", many of
    them, still practice the philosophy. They are beholden to their neighboring powers
    now, now without their protective force field, or my own leadership and guidance.
    They have all had their quantum batteries destroyed and dismantled to prevent
    other nations from obtaining them and using the infinite energy for evil purposes.

    However, I have retrieved the last known quantum battery..."

    Thadeus open the leather back and retrieved a functioning quantum battery capsule.
    Everyone "oooh"'d and "ahhh"'d at the site of the capsule. Everyone knew it was
    functioning because of its bright green glowing indicator light.

    "Yes, my friends. It is a quantum battery. Now we can dismantle it too and create
    new ones. Thus, we have an almost endless supply of energy. I am hereby making
    the quantum battery and its design the property of Commonwealth Global, with one
    little caveat, which I will mention shortly. Anyway, CWG can now license and produce
    the product for the world."

    Shouts of excitement and smiles all around. More applause. Clinks of toasting

    "However we must ensure that the battery is used within the principles of
    Scientific Intuitiveness. Therefore I have forming SciInt, a small group of
    scientists and philosophers, which will hold 51% ownership of the rights to
    the quantum battery. In addition, through various channels, they will keep
    51% control of Commonwealth Global. Therefore Commonwealth Global
    will become not just a conglomerate like it was before, but a force for
    Scientific Intuitiveness."

    There were some looks of disappointment and suprise on the faces of
    several of the attendees. Roberto himself was a bit disappointed. He
    did not except this turn of events. A very tall, thin bald, bespectacled
    man in his 30s, with small grey eyes which focused like lasers, looked
    directly at Roberto and said, "Roberto, look so surprised!"

    "I am only surprised that you are all surprised. Thadeus, who is this man?"
    Roberto asked.

    "This man, ladies and gentlemen, is Yraite Ergonak. He is an Archon. Many of
    you remember Kelly Kupliva. He has been my protege while in Ergonia and has
    been working with me over the past several years with me on my new plans. He
    will serve as the Vice-Chair and Spokesman of SciInt. Eventually he will become
    Chair and replace him. In practice, however, he assumes control now. You will all
    answer to him if you want to keep your jobs. That said he is really brilliant and
    has impressed me and many others."

    There were murmurs. Some people had faces that showed disappointment, others
    surprise. Yraite Ergonak smiled and then looked at Roberto again, then the guard.

    "Well, that is all. I shall be going on to the beach now to do some writing. I
    am working on my fiction, you know. Good-bye and have a splendid night!"

    Thadeus left early at this time. Without cellular regeneration clinics, he had
    started to age. His doctors told him that he needn't stay out late so much anymore
    as it would put too much strain on his heart and lungs. If he did not have any
    magic DNA, he would have been, he though to himself, the equivalent of about a
    90 year old man in health, although his appearance was more than of a man in his
    late 60s.

    However Roberto was nervous the rest of the night, nor did he sleep the entire night.
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    Re: Druud Ergonak: A Surprise Heir Apparent

    Postby Yulodion E'nothwocep » Thu Aug 25, 2016 2:28 am

    The next day, a limousine pulled up to Roberto as he was walking along the street.

    A window rolled down.

    It was Yraite.

    "I'd like for you to step into my limo, Roberto."

    "I'm a little busy right now."

    "Doing what? Going to get icecream? We have business to discuss."

    "Very well."

    "Either appoint me COO and Chairman of the Board of CWG and comply with all of my requests, which you may take to be the equivalent of SciIntOrg's requests, or face firing and complete removal from your own company"

    "What! I cannot believe Thadeus would put me under a non-relative's charge!"

    "Thadeus has spent the last 15 years not idle but planning the future. He appreciates your cooperation but has made his decision to place me in charge. Isn't that right, Thadeus?"

    Over loudspeaker came Thadeus's voice: "Yes, Roberto, I am asking you to comply with Mr Ergonak. "

    "Very well. May I go now?"

    "Yes. Enjoy your icecream!"
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