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    Maps of Alexandria

    Postby Edgard II » Thu Aug 28, 2014 6:26 pm

    Posted today in the Genevan Business District, Place Leclerc:

    Over the next few months, the Imperial Government will be commissioning the preparation of several maps after the conclusion of our rehabilitative efforts, that is the recovery of our lands lost in the MCS reduction.

    These maps will be as follows:

    1. A map that can be editable that includes all Alexandrian lands and possessions in one easy, condensed map to be used to post election results (provincial and federal).

    2. A detailed map of the Imperial Colony of St. John (topographical, political and with roads, etc.)

    3. A national infrastructure map that shows roads, railroads, etc throughout the Empire.

    If interested - please demonstrate interest via reply in the thread over at Place LeClerc. Or you can message me as well, and we'll discuss terms. (Please include the price quote for the work.)
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