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  • AUCTION: 30,000+ ac. Montauk Land. NO RESERVE!!!

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    Re: AUCTION: 30,000+ ac. Montauk Land. NO RESERVE!!!

    Postby Thadeus Laing » Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:54 pm

    I can confirm that the money has been received by the Lord of Montauk.
    Here I present the Deed.


    THE GRANTOR The Lord of Montauk Private Land Holdings Trust by
    its representative the Lord of Montauk Thadeus Melanje the Second
    for and in consideration of 550 Erb (equivalent to 500 SCUE units) and
    other good and valuable consideration grants, bargains, sells, conveys and
    warranties to the GRANTEE Ryker Everstone, the Count of Suthergold,
    Goldshire, the following real estate, situated in the City of Norville and
    and Small Portions Outside thereof, in the Eastern District of Montauk,
    in Montauk Province, in the Independent Principality of Aryasht, a
    Protectorate by Treaty of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth:

    30,620ac (34848ft²) on the waterfront of the northeastern quadrant of
    the Island of Montauk as indicated in the following map


    Subject to all laws of the Lord of Montauk, the Prince of Aryasht,
    and any Higher Powers such as there may be, and to all easements of
    record, the grantor hereby covenants with the Grantee that Grantor
    is lawfully seized in fee simple of the above granted premises and has
    good right to convey and sell the same; and that the Grantor, his heirs,
    executors and administrators shall warrant and defend the title unto the
    Grantee, his heirs and assigns against all lawful claims whatsoever.

    Thank you and it was a pleasure doing business with you as well.
    Thadeus Laing
    Sea Elf, Sea Elf Run
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    Re: AUCTION: 30,000+ ac. Montauk Land. NO RESERVE!!!

    Postby Kaiser Trantor IV » Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:11 pm

    €550 = 550 SCUE, not 500.
    Trantor IV (Spencer Jackson)
    Kaiser of Shireroth
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    Kaiser Trantor IV
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    Re: AUCTION: 30,000+ ac. Montauk Land. NO RESERVE!!!

    Postby Ryker » Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:54 am

    Sticklers are we?
    Ryker Everstone
    King of Goldshire
    Head of House Redquill
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    The Third Ryke
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    Re: AUCTION: 30,000+ ac. Montauk Land. NO RESERVE!!!

    Postby Ryabin Merkayastreb » Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:12 pm

    Ryker wrote:Sticklers are we?

    It's best not to get him started, believe me.

    And congratulations on your land purchase. I'll have to invite myself round one day.
    Ryabin Merkayastreb
    - Son of Krasniy, Father of Stellus
    - From 5222-5461 ASC, Duke of Goldshire
    - From 5323-5416 ASC, Kaiser Mo'll I
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