[CWG] Project Spawn: Replacement of Divs. with Subsdiaries

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[CWG] Project Spawn: Replacement of Divs. with Subsdiaries

Post by Thadeus Laing » Tue Jul 16, 2013 5:04 pm

[CWG] Project Spawn: Replacement of Divs. with Subsdiaries

I will be working on replacing divisions of the companies with
subsidiaries that will be listed on stock exchanges. The result
is that while CWG will retain control of these companies and
operations should continue exactly as they currently are, these
companies will be listed on the stock exchange separately. The
purpose of this is to drive up interest in micronational economics,
stock exchanges, as well as Commonwealth Global enterprises,
which would increase the Commonwealth Global financial position.
Project Spawn will also allow interested individuals to be the CEO or
President of these subsidiaries, creating new positions for micronationalists
eager to burnish their economic leadership credentials. These individuals
would be departmental Directors or Vice-Presidents under the current
structure. Finally, individuals wishing to purchase stock in CWG, while they
may still be able to do so, will now be able to purchase stock in a CWG mutual
fund instead, which will include all of the CWG subsidiaries; additionally,
individuals will be able to purchase stock only in the subsidiary company if
they would like. So if an investor thinks CWG's Casino operations are superb
whereas its Real Estate operations are in dire straits, they can simply direct
all of their investment towards the Casino subsidiary and avoid that aspect
of CWG's business. Of course, the subsidiaries will always be 51% owned by CWG
and will receive the same care and attention as departments.

The name of this project is, fittingly, Project Spawn. Please direct any
questions to Ms Sally Rorshacher.


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