[OD +201] The capital is falling the mission is done

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[OD +201] The capital is falling the mission is done

Post by Marcus Myksos »

Marcus was looking out of the window as he saw fires start in the city.
The forces loyalty to Kaiseress Noor were held back easily enough.
Still with the news that Natopia would soon be bringing aid in the form
of air support and other counties were sure to follow
the situation in Shirekeep was becoming a bit to unfavourable to remain.

Voltrue soldiers were working quickly loading every valuable thing they could onto the trucks.
If anything else Marcus could return home with enough of the Keeps riches to have made a
profit from this whole ordeal. The sword of light would also make a fine addition to his collection.
He thought as he hung it to his side.

Still artefacts and riches while fun were not the primary objective of this mission.
Marcus smiled as he saw the last batch of stasis pods being loaded on the truck.

“General, I suppose everything is going according to plan.”

“Yes sir, We are keeping the enemy forces at bay until we are ready to depart.”

“Excelent, in a few hours we will be done here. Just make sure that our road back home is secure.
Then we can let Noor’s forces advance and retake the keep.” He said.
A mischievous smile appeared on his face as he looked over the pods.
“I was thinking just to make sure that we can pull out without any trouble
that we could create a distraction and at the same time get a field-test done. ” Marcus said motioning to the pods.

“Very well sir, we shall release a few of the younger ones near the Elwynese forces.”
The general responded before commanding his man the load a few of the pods of the truck.
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Marcus Myksos
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Re: The capital is falling the mission is done

Post by Marcus Myksos »

The convoy of trucks, tanks and soldiers stopped a bit west of the city.
In the middle of a large clearing a group of hooded figures had gathered.
Even under their cloaks their deformations were clearly visible.

As the figures started chanting a vortex of black smoke appeared in the
clearing and the convoy advanced through it and disappeared for sight.
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Re: [OD +201] The capital is falling the mission is done

Post by Continuator »

The first Natopian HB-3 bombers had arrived in theatre four days after the siege had begun. Launched from carriers positioned in the Central Sea, and following a sub-orbital flight-path that took them over southern Lichbrook, the bombers had dipped back into the upper atmosphere over Mount Crestfall in Overdolor and released eight kinetic kill vehicles and two decoys before redirecting thrusters to push upwards and into the Mesosphere. The strike package completed one orbit from the north to the south pole before decelerating enough to begin a controlled landing at the Angus Spaceport.

Long before then the kinetic kill vehicles, little more than a hypersonic glide bomb built around rods of tungsten tipped with a bodkin point of depleted uranium, had slammed into the side of the Ministry of Military Affairs Building, known officially still as Thorgils' Tower, at a speed approaching 6,173 km/hour. The impacts, occurring at speeds of mach 5 had torn through the sound-barrier, shattering windows for miles around and thrown up a vast plume of dust and pulverised masonry which had fallen back down to earth over a shocked and bewildered city. About two hours after impact, the main ministry tower had toppled over, crushing an adjacent flaktower as it fell and blocking the intersection of the Kaiser's Boulevard and Nobles' Avenue.

Unfortunately, during the deorbit, the returning Natopian bombers had been detected by the now fully alert and panicked monitoring stations of the Shirerithian Strategic Defence Initiative. Using telemetry fed from the In-Flight Interceptor Communications System data terminal at Novi Nigrad on the island of Yardistan , the SDI Anti-Ballistic Missile Battery on the island of Novaya Sorensk located in the River Elwynn delta had launched one Ikol ABM at the bombers as they began their landing approach. The missile jetisoned its booster unit over the Shire Sea and the ramjet driven kill vehicle powered on into the flight path of the lead bomber where its kinetic fragmentation warhead detonated in close proximity, shredding the cockpit of the HB-3 bomber. The stricken craft, its crew already dead from the rapid cockpit depressurisation, broke up in the atmosphere, showering the Demesnes of Nerida and Istvanistan with twisted metal, flaming debris and the rapidly disintegrating components of a small fusion reactor.

The radar and tracking station of the so-called Shirerithian Z-Site on Yardistan was subsequently pounded into silence by a salvo of 24 cruise missiles fired from the NDS Vista de Nada. Subsequent strikes against the hardened, indeed ancient, launch silos on Novaya Sorensk were less successful, but without the tracking station, the anti-ballistic missiles were fundamentally redundant. Except for blind firing as improvised ballistic missiles. But that comes later.

Meanwhile twenty Natopian Covrigi Jump Jets arrived at Ardashirshahr on the 12th day of Qinamu, taking over responsibility for local air defence from the detachments assigned from the 7th "Anti-Air Defence of the Nation" Division of the UDF. Beginning on the next day therefore, the UDF was able to begin redeploying anti-aircraft guns, held in reserve at the flaktowers of Ardashirshahr, to the siege lines facing the Reynardine Walls.

The siege itself was proving to be a bloody and squalid affair. Sniper and mortar fire from the city had taken an appalling toll on the working parties. In reply the UDF had dug mortar pits and attempted to lay down a suppressing fire on the defenders at the walls, but in the absence of the artillery held back in Angularis, it was proving a difficult and forlorn task. As an answer, the Alalehzaminis had begun constructing a sabat, a covered passage of blast-proof walls of mud-and-rubble and a wooden roof secured with hides and corrugated iron sheeting. A couple of direct strikes by a mortar had put paid to the notion of their being entirely impervious to a direct hit, but nonetheless it increased the measure of protection for the work parties against shrapnel and sniper fire. The sabat was designed to the traditional Babkhan specification that it should be wide enough for a dozen horsemen to ride alongside each other, and tall enough to enable elephants and riders with raised lances to pass through in comfort. Regrettably however, there were no elephant to bring to the siege.

Soldiers of the Emirati Riddare were able to fire at the enemy through loopholes in the roof and wall. And it was into one of these loopholes, on the evening of the 21st of Qinamu, that the first black cylinder launched from the city crashed. For a moment or two it remained lodged in the cracked opening of the loophole before slowly dissolving, with an ominous hiss, into a congealing pool of a viscous black tar-like fluid. In the midst of that sticky oozing black mess could be faintly discerned the rear-portion of the bodily form of some ungodly creature, not unlike the body and hind-legs of a toad, save that at its back it had the tergum and sternum of a hideous wasp. The entire creature might be considered to be the size of a mastiff. Whereas, when the cylinder first melted, it had appeared to be lifeless, now as its misshapen form was exposed to the elements once more, the creature seemed to revive and, with a vicious lurch, hauled itself inside of the sabat.

It was then that the gunfire and screaming began. Followed, inevitably, by the sounds of flesh being torn and of munching.

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