[N-Absentia] Letter to the lord of the Shining Garden (3)

The home island and summer abode of the Raikothin. At it's heart lies the volcanic mountain known as Yaanek, famous in antiquity for the peculiar prophetic utterances of the Priests of Joy situated there.

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Simon B.E.

[N-Absentia] Letter to the lord of the Shining Garden (3)

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My lord,

I am truly blessed to have so great a lord who can find time to answer his humble servant even when he has pressing matters to attend to. To thank you I will first answer the issue you stressed so much in your letter, the presence of iron mines on the islands. To the best of my knowledge there is still ore to be found but I have been unable to explore these mines.

I am also truly blessed because you have been so kind as to send Lord Kharusion to my aid, the supplies we were able to get from him have proven to be invaluable and will no doubt be invaluable in the future as well.

In my latest letter I informed you how we were able to prepare the defense of our position while waiting for the Jessvillains' counterattack. Just days after I had sent you this letter an envoy from the Jessvillains came to us to discuss a peace offer, another envoy came from Nosquam to discuss the future of the cabbage fields we currently occupy.
  • The proposal from Jessvillia was that we would keep the cabbage fields and trade only with them.
  • The proposal from Nosquam was that we would return the cabbage fields to Nosquam and be rewarded splendidly.
A wise man like yourself will no doubt have understood immediately that I could not accept either offer, instead I have returned the cabbage fields to Nosquam under the condition that they would be guarded solely by my men and that Nosquam would pay tribute to us for that. The tribute we agreed on is enough to fund our current operation. The envoy from Jessvillia was instructed to go home and inform his master that we do not desire peace at the moment. Three of our hunters followed the envoy back to Jessvillia and surveyed the city for over a week, they returned to report that the Jessvillains had entrenched themselves in their city and did not appear to plan an attack on our position soon. This was a major setback to our operation because while we have acquired many weapons, we only own a few pieces of artillery and cannot bombard the city long enough for a siege and do not have the naval strength to blockade their port.

The hunters did however inform me that the Jessvillains are keen to trade with the Batavian tradesmen in La Roche-Derrien. Together with a few carabineers I immediately set sail to La Roche-Derrien to see what we could find. We contacted a tradesman who had supplied the Jessvillains with conserved foods many times but had not seen any payments in the last months and was very bitter about that, he had an order scheduled for the next day but did not intend to deliver. After we produced cash it did not take long to convince him to replace the mushrooms in the tinned soups he would deliver with fool's webcaps, one of our men would enter the city of Jessvillia together with the tradesman and would keep us informed of the situation by satellite-phone. We returned to Northern Absentia uncertain about what would happen. We received our first update four days after the tradesman had delivered the tinned soups in Jessvillia, a few people had reported at the medical post with renal failure, this number grew in the weeks after that and tens of people died because of the lack of specialist equipment on the island. Our marksmen took position on a hill near the city which oversaw the graveyard and opened fire on anyone trying to bring the dead outside the city walls, this forced them to either leave the corpses in the city or throw them into the ocean.

Three weeks after the Batavian tradesman had delivered the toxic soups in Jessvillia we approached the city and bombarded it with all our mortars. An envoy was sent who asked for their capitulation, threatening with further bombardments and an assault should they refuse. We did not have to wait long for a reply, the city surrendered under the condition that we would not plunder civilian houses and traders and we were able to take over their keep, the local militia has been incorporated into our ranks after we hung their highest officers. A first inquiry into the poisoning has led us to believe that 11% of the city population was directly affected, of whom 90% died within a month and 10% now have some sort of chronic renal failure. These people have been sent to Dragonskeep as we do neither have the ability nor the desire to care for them, nor did we want to encumber you with them. It is the opinion of the Jessvillains that their torment was divine retribution and we have not attempted to change their minds but have instead sought an alliance with the Catologian church, which is never likely to ignore a lucrative opportunity like this.

We are pleased to inform you that Raikothian hegemony on the island has been restored.

Your servant,

Simon Barentsz-Edward
4926 ASC, Jessvillia

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