Death of Endi Arusion

The home island and summer abode of the Raikothin. At it's heart lies the volcanic mountain known as Yaanek, famous in antiquity for the peculiar prophetic utterances of the Priests of Joy situated there.

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Death of Endi Arusion

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It is with great pleasure that I announce the death by drowning of Endi Arusion-nomai, first Archpriest of Joy of the Shining Garden.

(my translators have asked me to include in the Common version of this message a note regarding a slight change in the translation of titles. From now on the title Chyomen Kvithlin Qainion will be translated as "Archpriest of Joy", and the title KaiKvithlin Qainion as "High Priest of Joy". This allows high-ranking priests of joy on the city and province level to use the title "High Priest of Joy" while reserving the title "Archpriest of Joy" for myself.)

Against the dire warnings of the exalted cantors of the Risurion-silk as well as the traditions of our people, Endi-nomai swore an oath not to rest until the Raspur Pact, the unholy alliance between Babkha, Elwynn, Ocia, and Jingdao, was dissolved. This event took longer than anticipated, and he was forced to keep himself alive by sheer will for several decades longer than his allotted lifespan. Although the Cold Clear Path provides methods for accomplishing this task, by the end of his life it had become deeply exhausting, and and he was unable to keep regular contact with his network of supporters in foreign lands. This remains one of his deep regrets.

However, through complete happenstance the dissolution of Raspur occurred without his help. With the sudden shift in alignment of Jingdao - ironically one of the few Raspur states Endi was unable to put an agent into - Elwynn voted to dissolve the Raspur Pact, allowing Endi to die honorably. In accordance with ancient tradition, he took his life by drinking the purified juice of the snow-rose, placing a garland of flowers around his neck, and jumping off the cliffs of Tairakoth into the sea. He was two hundred seventy eight years old, an impressive age even for a descendant of Raynor.

THe Conclave of Joy was informed of Endi-nomai's death a few weeks before it happened, and conferred with the Angel of Inference to decide upon a successor. The Shining Garden elected myself, Kvani Neyin, former High Priest of Joy in Talisre, to succeed Endi-nomai as Archpriest.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about the future.

I do not intend to completely abandon the agents Endi placed within foreign countries, but I do not intend to follow them as closely as Endi did either. His project was too ambitious; he laid so many plans that in the end he had to abandon all of them. I will continue to work with the most promising and active agents while leaving the others to their own devices. In particular, given our failure to navigate Ashkenatzan government successfully I may be giving Zelde bat Kalir leave to concentrate on her historical work.

I continue to watch Rexus Ursalion's plans to recolonize Akerbjorn with interest. If he succeeds, his new polity will receive all the help the Shining Garden can provide. If he fails, I hope to discuss with him the possibility of incorporating some of his ideas into a renaissance of Bjorngard itself.

War with West Elwynn has been averted for the present. We must remain vigilant while refusing to give our western neighbors any excuse to view us as the aggressor. There is barely a century left in the Thousand Years' Hate, and we have come so far that we must not let some chance event nearly destroy everything as it almost did fifty years ago. On the same token, this period of weakness in the Raspur Pact gives us a chance to work abnormally hard for the redemption of the world, and although it worked for Endi we cannot long afford to trust Fate to do our work for us.

Finally, while continuing to hold the utmost trust in Duke Alaion as the protector of Elwynn and as the armored fist by which the Westerners are held back, we must respectfully disagree with his position on Jingdao. For a former enemy of such power and diplomatic skill to offer to join our camp is an opportunity too enticing to pass up, especially during this time of struggle when every ally is necessary if the redemption of the world is to continue apace. I hope to support Jingdao's entry into the Imperial Republic and to personally visit Zijincheng as my first intercontinental trip in my capacity as Archpriest.

Endi Arusion is dead. Where man and angel have failed to break the Raspur Pact, Truth and Beauty have done it effortlessly and completely. It is up to us to build upon the opportunity they have given and not to fail them again. KaiSumrl karithl mrin; kelanthe i yyim

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Re: Death of Endi Arusion

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News from Eliria was heard in which the Prince of Elwynn spoke:
The Prince of Elwynn wrote:I wish to convey to the Conclave of Joy my condolences on the death of Endi Arusion. I was devestated and shocked to hear that he has taken his own life. He was a man who I, while severely disagreeing with him, found myself to deeply respect. I shall pray for his soul.

The tragic death of Endi Arusion only proves that the state of psychiatry in East Elwynn is in a dire state when not even those with means and connexions find access and help to overcome the idealization of death. In the upcoming summit with Shireroth, I shall personally bring up the psychiatry in east Elwynn as an issue of great importance for the well-being and security of the people there.
Elijah Ayreon-Dariolin of Waffle-Paine (no longer with us)


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