Index of Raikothin/Hyperborean Books

The home island and summer abode of the Raikothin. At it's heart lies the volcanic mountain known as Yaanek, famous in antiquity for the peculiar prophetic utterances of the Priests of Joy situated there.

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Index of Raikothin/Hyperborean Books

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This is a list of the books that an immigrant to Raikothin society under the auspices of the Vankarha Sui Mek would be expected to be familiar with - the absolute classics, equivalent to Shakespeare or the Bible or things like that. List to be updated as I think of more:

Apsid Saragil (Book of Cold Rain) c. 200 ASC
Traditionally ascribed to Kadmi Rachumion. The first book ever written in the Raikothin language; authored by the prophet who invented writing. A combination Bible/encylopedia. Contains a mixture of legend, superstition, history, philosophy, and five-thousand-years-out-of-date science. Still the most important historical source for early Hyperborea but not taken quite as seriously as a civilizational guide anymore.

Amesdion Kadmi (The Life of Kadmi) c. 230 ASC
Traditionally ascribed to Idri Latelion. Describes the life of Kadmi Rachumion, a history of the Hyperborean Civil War and the Sidlelin War, and a record of the development of the Elder government immediately after Kadmi's death.

Apsid Galakirl (Book of Two Stars) c. 390 ASC
By an unknown author. A classic play describing how Daki Kirenion, a star, descends to Earth to fight in the armies of Kadmi Rachumion, and of various disruptions on Earth and in the Sky caused by his decision.

Apsid Kaje (Book of Loss) c. 860 ASC
By Iauli Aulegdion. Describes the destruction of most of Raikothin civilization by the sudden eruption of Mt. Yaanek and the flight of most emigrants to refugee colonies in Elwynn and northern Apollonia as well as the histories of these various colonies. Stops at the death of Samechi Kvivirion, just before most refugees returned to Raikoth.

AkaYyilo AkAnari (Out of Winter from the West) 1670 ASC
By Ragmi Volakion. Probably the most famous collection of poems by the most famous Raikothin poet. 1.

KaiSilkion Raikoth 115 (115th Holy Logic of Raikoth), 4315 ASC
By Egi Risurion. The definitive edition of the finalized logical system of the Raikothin government, as compiled by Elder Egi Risurion in the waning days of the Eldership. This edition is considered to correspond perfectly to human thought, and all alternative logics are considered "heretical". All Hyperborean law is based upon this book [1], [2].

Inliskavi Galinomai: Elinitomi (Archipelago-Land of Galinomai: A True Dream), 4500 ASC
By Nithi Kirenion. The story of how Omi Oitherion caused an apocalypse, and how the survivors of Raikoth formed the new nation of Galinomai afterwards. Written by Elder Nithi Kirenion supposedly based on a true vision of an alternate reality he received from the transhuman Maria Morimoto. Corresponds to the out-of-game events of Archipelago. [1], [2]

Apsid Phindarqai Aiphdarkion Riti (A Child's Book of Being and Becoming), various dates
By various authors. Sort of a Grand Unified Textbook of Everything. Maybe a little bit like a dead tree version of A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer from The Diamond Age. [1]

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