Jingdao lands on dark side of Sweden
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OSLO - In a historic first, Jingdao has successfully landed a reconnaissance team on the dark side of Sweden. The Jingdaoese National Space Administration landed the reconnaissance craft, officially named Nuowei 1 at 10:26 Daocheng time on Thursday near Oslo. Until recently, few considered it feasible for a Jingdaoese team to gain access to Noirway, as the dark side of Sweden is also called. Previously teams were stopped at the border, even if they would produce European passports. This changed when Captain Toutoumomo of the Tegong team that oversees and instructs Carl XVI Gustaf visited a Christmas market at Slottstorget in Gävle. Here he was able to acquire a machine that looked like a giant straw goat, but could hold a dozen Jingdaoese soldiers and be transported across the internal border without even raising one custom officer's eyebrow.

VBN - Micras Edition
  • Jingdao lands on dark side of Sweden
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    Postby Ryker » Thu Dec 27, 2018 5:46 am

    In keeping with the theme of the wintertime self-exodus, between a recent job promotion and this hobby becoming more a chore to be ignored of late, I am showing myself the door and leaving things to you all to figure out. Kras, I guess you get to keep Roy for Christmas. You can have him pursue his throne in Goldshire or not. Ryker's going into another coma, in any case, hidden away in some secret medical base I'm sure. Have at it ye hungry wolves. Eat up. Tata!
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    Re: Welp

    Postby Krasniy Yastreb » Thu Dec 27, 2018 1:02 pm

    Shrub almighty, what is this... four gone now? We're getting into existential implications territory.

    Goldshire's too big for me to swallow these days (insert question mark for FUD purposes) but I will grab Roy for stud duties, to continue the Yastreb bloodline with Beans.

    Enjoy your back-breaking toil (you're in good company) and I guess we'll see you back when things have settled down. Good luck :Court:
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    Re: Welp

    Postby Jonas » Thu Dec 27, 2018 5:56 pm

    Yes, run away, coward! Jingdao will rule the waves!
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