[CPK] MBT Replacement Initiative Phase I

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[CPK] MBT Replacement Initiative Phase I

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Given on this day, the 15th of Gevracoon, 11DA, at the Hall of Concilation, Huyenkula, Hurmu (Via Nordiskehjem, Territory of Normark)[/center]

Following The Prince's blessings on proceeding with the Main Battle Tank Replacement Initiative, The Hall of Tranquility hereby invokes it's authority over defense matters of Elwynn to order the following:
102/02e is to be supplied with 25 PsKpv I Main Battle Tanks for the purpose of initial training of 50 Elwmacht instructors. They are to learn both the complete operational procedures of the PsKpv I, as well as preparation for instructing all future tankers. 50 support personnel will also be trained in the repair and maintenance procedures of the equipment, as well as preparation for instructing future support personnel.

This training will be facilitated by OmniTree Group's DARPA and the 1st Panzer Battalion of the Normarksgarde. The deadline for completion will be 2 (Norse) years, to be followed by the commencement of Phase II of the initiative.

(OOC: 2 Norse years equates to 4 real-time days).

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