[UDF] FormOrd No 8: 12e Naval Division

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[UDF] FormOrd No 8: 12e Naval Division

Post by Tokaray al-Osman » Sun Dec 01, 2013 11:03 pm

Formation Order No 8: 12e Naval Division

Given this day 12 Hyre, Silnuai 1607, at the Hall of Tranquility, Eliria, Elwynn

1. Pursuant to Formation Order No 1 it is hereby promulgated in the Hall of Tranquillity by order of the Conducator & Councillor for Peace and Kinetics that there shall be raised territorial divisions for the defence of the Coordinated State as directed by the Prince, his Government and the Senate in accordance with law.


2. The aim of this order is to outline the formation organisation and roles of the 12e Naval Division.


3. The 12e Naval Division shall be known by this title and its mutually interchangeable translations into the official core languages of the Union. The abbreviated form shall however in all instances be 12e Div Nav.


4. The roles of the 12e Div Nav is to train for and be prepared to take part in the following types of operations in the Elwynnese portion of the Union State:

a. Military assistance to the Civil Power.

b. Maritime Security.

c. Humanitarian Activity.

d. Conventional War operations.


5. The 12e Div Nav shall be organised sequentially as follows:

12e Naval Division (12e Div Nav) (49,549 points)
[Motto: "We do not Row"]

Formation Date

6. The 12e Div Nav is formed with effect from the date of the publication of this order.

Signed by
His Serenity Dâniyal Umra Suleiman Simrâni-Kâlirion ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati, Conducător of Elwynn, Minister for Peace and Kinetics, Senator and Keeper of Eliria, Warden of the Northern March & Observer of Kai Raikoth

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