The Prince's Oath

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Elijah Ayreon
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The Prince's Oath

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Fellow Elwynnese

I stand before the Senate ready to administer my oath. I wish to thank the Senate for its support of and confidence in me. I hope I will not let the Senate or the Union down.

You know what I stand for and what I will do. There will be no speech here of higher quality. Rather, I am to say the oath in the tongues of Elwynn I myself master. The Amokolians, Iserdians and the Babkhi will forgive me but I believe they would rather have be silent than me bastardising their speech.

You will see that Elw is not my native tongue and the very formal language of the oath in Elw is somewhat difficult. First I will say it in Elw, then in the Norse of Cape Farewell and Hurmu. After that in the Hurmumol speech followed by the Norse of Normark.

Thank you. May Elwynn shine upon you.

Luix Rakira
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Re: The Prince's Oath

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A beautiful and symbolic gesture! Hail His Highness!
Lûix Rakira


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Lord Erion
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Re: The Prince's Oath

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So say we all!
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