Chemical Research Facility Opens in Acadeimos

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Chemical Research Facility Opens in Acadeimos

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The government of Norfolk has announced that a new Biotopian Chemical Research Facility has been built and opened in the remote northern city of Acadeimos. The facility is designed to serve as a civilian research center that will work on developing pesticides, fertilizers, and other agricultural chemicals. Given the destruction wrought by the Cabbage Plague and other agricultural diseases, the Norfolkian government has deemed this an area of needed research, to help combat future plagues, and to improve output of existing crops. The facility is not associated with the military and will therefore not be developing chemical weapons. Security however will remain high surrounding the compound since the chemicals used to make fertilizers can often be volatile and hazardous when concentrated in high amounts. It is hoped that new products developed by the facility will help offset low crop production in Norfolk's nutrient-poor island soils.
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