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    Postby Mira Raynora Minor » Mon Nov 21, 2011 9:01 pm

    The origins of Carcosanne are shrouded in mystery. Whilst some authorities believe that the city itself may have antedated the Great Cataclysm, the name Carcosanne first appears in Apollantine sources, where it is described as the capital of an eponymous principality.

    Ancient Carcosanne is reputed to have been a centre of advanced technology- second only to Drachumve or Resplendence- as well as a byword for luxury and decadence. Yet for all their achievements, the Carcosians are best known for the terrible catastrophe that completely destroyed their state within the space of a few years; the exact nature of the calamity is still unclear and continues to be the subject of considerable speculation.

    In the centuries that followed, numerous expeditions attempted to rediscover the lost city and its secrets. None were successful, most vanishing without trace; those few that did return reported unusually high levels of telluric activity in the region, whilst the sole survivor of one ill-fated party described trekking for days across a barren wasteland where no animals roamed or plants grew.

    The last century has, however, witnessed the emergence of a new state to the immediate south of the ‘dead zone’. Initially known simply as the Despotate of Alaria, in recent years Alarian officials have begun to refer to their state as Carcosanne and Alaria, leading some observers to speculate that the Despotate may have been founded by the descendants of Carcosian refugees who fled south following the destruction of the city.
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