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Novatainian Culture

Post by Demon of Fides » Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:01 am

Here I'll prepare an overview of major Novatainian culture, so the record isn't lost. I promised you a history class. I lied, read the section in the Wiki, it's fairly good for early history, and at least has basic descriptors for the rest.

Novatainia, unlike many other micronations, did not start with direct links to any existing culture. Novatainia also developed in relative isolation apart from close links with the MI and Gralus Sector, and, as such, developed traditions and outlooks somewhat different to many other micronations. To explain the uniquely Novatainian outlook on life is extremely hard, but a good summary of it would be - Fun and Story.

To Novatainians, micronationalism is meant to be fun. It's meant to be a hobby. Novatainians often object to anything too "serious" (though this hasn't affected an extremely thorough development of their land, magic and legends thereof), and aren't always interested in doing things just because lots of other nations do them that way. Novatainians (apart from the Laughocratic citizens) aren't particuarly random or spammish, but where possible, they'll always take the lighter side of the issue, and delight in laughing at themselves, eachother, and their leaders.

Also, to Novatainians, micronations run in stories. Novatainians don't care a tot whether something is "realistic", but they do care whether it makes sense in a story. So Novatainians delight in things like magic and roleplaying. Anything important won't be written up in proper legal format - the event will be roleplayed. Even if it means someone destroys the building in the process. Novatainians don't just use magic to do anything, but they're more than happy to do something that isn't realistic if it makes story sense. For example, the colony of New Myzoria (back when it was a colony) may be in the middle of permanent ice, but it was happily populated by Aztecs, Middle Age peasants, lost mines and rocky wastelands, and won, not by armed force, but by words, and cunning, and a couple thousand Royal Guards in the right place ...

Understanding those two differences from many micronations will help you go a long way in understanding Novatainian culture. What follows is a description of each of the major elements.

DZ- The Destruction Zone is the most distinct part of Novatainian culture, developing from a chance happening early on when the thread to one of the first houses included the house being almost destroyed. The concept, "Breaking and Entering," rapidly became the national past time, spawning several copy threads and clones in various other nations. It remains the most exported part of Novatainian culture.
The Destruction Zone is a zone where any weapon needed exists, and the combatants can humorously attack eachother, and everything else, knowing everything will be repaired the next time they enter (or indeed, when the next person posts).
Piracy - The incredibly short-lived Pirate Republic, created by an ex-Passian citizen, had one good effect - Captain Jack Norrington came to Novatainia. The businessman, Manuel, took advantage of this and started a Piracy Competition - citizens would go across the nation (and anywhere else) and steal what they could, bringing the items back to Manuel to be sold in his shop. They would be marked on value of item, the excitement of the steal, and the sheer volume of different goods sold, and the winner receive a large amount of money. It was immensely popular and plans for subsequent competitions are well underway.
Overzealous Court Cases - Novatainia's sense of fun extends to the Courtroom, but, in this case, in conducting trials very, very seriously (but knowing people will get off with minor punishments anyway). Most trials were for posting crimes. The most famous case would be R vs Sorongath the Flayed, where the Chief of Police was put on trial and thought he should get the lethal injection, but the judge was talked down into only giving him a warning.
Posting Traditions Novatainia has a number of proud posting tradition and normally has a reasonably active chat forum. While they don't descend into the utter randomness and spam sometimes found in Toketi and the Jokerdom, Novatainians can get off topic very easily ... even, sometimes, getting off topic in an off topic thread.
The Spanish Inquisition were recently appointed Off Topic Police.

City Descriptions - If you've read thus far, you may think Novatainia not putting any effort into micronationalism at all ... and you'd be quite wrong. One of Novatainia's most proud elements of culture is the loving detail put into the descriptions of each and every of their cities. The original eight towns and cities especially each have very distinct personalities, but all places have a description, and many a distinct personality. Some of these descriptions have been fleshed out further on the wiki.
Australia and the World - Novatainia isn't intentionally based on the culture of any real world nation ... but if it was, it would be Australia. Novatainia's land names reflect the twin desires of its main expansioner to a. Get as much possible terrain packed into the limited area of land as possible (stemming from its early days as a tiny nation) and b. Have its mainland states correspond each to a state in Australia, but with a micronational twist. Thus we have Kingsland (Queensland), Western Nova (Western Australia), South Nova (South Australia), New Territory (Northern Territory - the 'New' comes from the fact it was originally owned by New Britannia), New North Lovely (New South Wales - again, this area was originally owned by Lovely), Niktoria (Victoria (Nik comes from Nike, the greek god of victory), and the Kendall Isles (Tasmania). Many towns also have names that are variations on existing Australian ones, though many of these have no relation to the state they're in. The terrain of most of the states reflects major Australian terrains (desert, mountains, bushland, rainforest etc), with the exception of Kingsland, which is rather northern European, and the Paribian Isles, which are typically Carribean. Novatainia's colony, New Myzoria, fits in all the remaining terrain features, with bits of Medieval England, rocky wasteland, tropical jungle, Saharan-esque desert, savannah, tundra, and, of course, the requisite Volcano.
Magic - Undoubtedly the greatest contributions to Novatainia's history, legends, and the most detailed city description spring from Novatainia's love of magic. MANA, the Magically Arcane Novatainian Academy, commands a vast magical empire of different races and creatures, from the Dragons and dwarves in the Barrier (mountain range) to the Krynii in their whirlpool. In partnership with Toketi they have the SCM magic system, the most developed magic system in micronationalism, and allowing for a great degree of personal creativity. They've done expeditions, wars, academy training, and all manner of inbetween.

Archaeology - A general interest in micronational (and micromagical) history grew into a thriving Archaeology Centre when Zindaria, the nation holding the Jasonian Isles, agreed to allow Novatainian expeditions in to try and see if the old anti-gravity motors could be recovered (following a discovery from Shireroth that only one motor was shot at, and the others just failed simultaneously ... and then some private research to map exactly where the Shirithians thought the motors were). Little did they know they'd stumble upon a Jasonian riddle and race against time (and the Remnant) across three continents and four forum to find the lost Ocean Palace before too late ...
Realism - This may seem an odd title, but Novatainians do believe in realism. That is, they see no point in a law determining the minutae of tabacco regulation, or a Ministry of Health (unless such things relate directly to RP, as did Prohibition). They only make laws, and, indeed, function their economy - on the real people they have participating. Thus the majority of their crimes are civil offences (posting ones) rather than things like murder. It was fondly noted once that stealing isn't actually illegal.
Economy (and Property Threads) - Since the implementation of a cash mod back in the early days, Novatainians have had an interest in their economy. For most of their history, it has been post based, earning 10 NCU per post, though various reforms have come and gone with relation to taxation and business registering. Most recently, they tried a new system of war-based money, CITRA, where your money is equal to the strength of your army. While shops have ranged from magic equipment for war right up to Manuel's Uber Loot Shop (for the extremely rich), the most popular by far has been the property shop, allowing citizens to buy their own plot of land and create a thread for their house, some of which advanced to ten pages.

From all this (and I was even a little surprised as I wrote it up and realised I needed to add more titles) it can be seen that Novatainia has a number of important and vibrant cultural institutions that have developed, for the main part, not out of an attempt to "create" culture from a real world nation, but have developed out of the interactions of citizens - and that is, truly, the best culture there is. :up2:
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