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Several national maps which may be of use to visitors/new citizens.

This is all of Novatainia's Land.
In the top left is Magna Novatainia, our mainland holdings. Kingsland, Western Nova and New Territory are all states in Northern Novatainia. South Nova, New North Lovely and Niktoria are all states in Southern Novatainia. Southern Novatainia also has the Kendall Isle, which is the top right picture. The centre right picture is the Jokerdom Island (though they also occupy several dimensions not shown on conventional maps). Below that is the island of VBNC, nominally Novatainian land. The two bottom pictures are the land of New Myzoria, on each respective plane.

This is the (paint) terrain map of all Novatainia's lands. It includes the terrain done for some other countries, though not all. It's the definitive terrain map. Magna Novatainia, as you can see, has The Barrier mountain range in the north, a lot of grazing land in Northern Novatainia, a fertile region in South Nova, and of course the large desert in New North Lovely.
The Kendall Isle is largely jungle (OOC note - a LOT more heavily jungled than previous incarnations. I figured we owed ourselves a proper jungle in the tropics. Nick, feel free to write more about the jungle in the appropriate subforums) and tropical islands.

New Myzoria, is dual planar. Don't ask. You don't want to know.

This resource map may be of interest to those intending to trade with us (or just who want to know what NPC industries function in your region).

And finally, some more specialised map.
The Novatainia/Toketi mainlandTerrain Map (a more nifty version than my paint based one, clearly, though slightly more stylised).
The Myzoria Map, which includes some sense of the major landmarks of each region. Note that it is from before Myzoria went dual-planar, and thus somewhat antiquated.
The Flying Duchy of Glanurchy (though a little more watery than the cloud that really surrounds it).
The Jokerdom Maps, capturing some of the other-worldness of that secondhand set of dimensions.
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