[Request] Mission of Humanitarian Relief

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[Request] Mission of Humanitarian Relief

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To the President of the Saint Andre Trading Company:

In times past, the merchant vessels of the St Andre Trading Company have been used to fulfill humanitarian missions. Most recently, SATCo ships were used to evacuate Neridians to Port St Andre and to provide emergency bagel rations to the Neridian refugees and lessen the burden resulting from the influx on Port St Andre.

I would like to request, or suggest to the limit of my authority, that such a humanitarian mission be organized to provide relief to the Hammish famine. Dried and cured Neemian beef jerky and butter can be loaded onto the SAS Dyre at Tassity, head to Lighthouse to take on fresh fruits before entering a friendly and free Hammish port to unload these foodstuffs.

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Re: [Request] Mission of Humanitarian Relief

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Receipt of this request is acknowledged and the matter has been put to the president and the board of directors.
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