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Expatriates and Prel-Stik

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:34 am
by Alicorn
"Have some more fish, Elsio."

"Er, no thanks, Mom, I don't want to be too weighed down when we get to playing prel-stik later," Elsio demurred. "I've missed playing with all you guys... is the court up the road still open?"

"Oh, you must miss prel-stik," said her brother. "Don't they play weird foreign sports up there - ball in a basket, that sort of thing?"

"It's not 'ball in a basket'. But yeah. I can still play prel-stik, though. There's a decent Mevwani population in my part of my town. Some of us got together and refitted a building to suit. It's just informal, unisex, no spectators except for the occasional player's boyfriend or girlfriend, but playing at family reunions is informal too. I was never heading for a pro position."

"Damn," said Elsio's uncle. "Was going to tell you that if you want to run a restaurant and have a chance to play I could ask my sister if she wants to let you run a franchise..."

Elsio laughed. "I'm happy with the restaurant I have," she said. "And with the league I have. Go Green Ribbons!"

"Green Ribbons, seriously?" asked the nearest cousin.

"I didn't vote for that team name," Elsio admitted. "We had to please a bunch of people including some who aren't exactly happy with being expats - there's this man who moved with his wife and she likes Safiria and he really doesn't - but - well."

"Do the other teams have names that dumb?" the same cousin inquired.

"Depends on what you think makes a dumb name. There's, let's see. Sister Nanthi's Nine. Least Cosash. The Squids -"

Her mother butted in. "Are these all about where they're from - you're on the normal Mainlander team and then there's Islanders and Cosashi and Lake Province people - or -"

"No, there's two Islanders and a Cosashi on the Green Ribbons," Elsio said. "But I guess the majorities did fall out that way. Except there's one more team, with a mix of players and no regional hint in what they call themselves."

"What're they called?" asked Elsio's cousin.

"Just, The Stikkers."

Re: Expatriates and Prel-Stik

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:42 am
by ari
I hope that if you're asked "How is Prel-Stick played?", the answer won't be "With gusto!"

Re: Expatriates and Prel-Stik

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:33 am
by Carl Jackson
Here is how you play prel-stik.

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