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    Mevwan Politics

    Postby Alicorn » Sun May 22, 2011 6:25 pm


    The Zaee originally retained the command organization of the ship's crew, with the civilian passengers subordinate to the officers, but this quickly broke down and a civilian structure similar to that in place on the Zaee's home system took over. Leaders are chosen to sit on a council of 10-15 members, called the Cezkwe, in an explicitly nepotistic democratic fashion: one votes for whichever of one's friends and family one expects to have the best shot at earning a seat. In practice the winners tend to be people with a lot of friends and family, and a lot of ordinary Zaee know someone on the council. The council makes decisions by reaching consensus; when that is intractable, a Cezkwe member randomly selected by drawing straws before each meeting has the authority to eject one member of their choice, at which time the straws are re-drawn, consensus is again attempted, and so on. If just one Cezkwe member is left at the end of a meeting (rather rare), he or she may unilaterally make decisions. Cheating at straws is grounds for an eternal ban from the Cezkwe for oneself and all of one's blood or memetic relatives.

    Voters can rescind their support for whoever they most recently voted for (if that person won) at any time. When someone has enough of their original votes rescinded that they couldn't have won their original election, their position is up for grabs again (but one must rescind one's vote for a sitting candidate, if applicable, before casting one in a new election). Cezkwe occupants often assign themselves various specialties and duties according to their interests and aptitudes, but if someone challenges them for such a spot, it is subject to consensus-building like anything else.

    Current Cezkwe Occupants:

    Gevene [Self-Appointed Minister of Technology; Consensus-Appointed Minister of Education][F]
    Adwal [Self-Appointed Minister of Welfare; Self-Appointed Minister of Faith][F]
    Kyeea [Self-Appointed Minister of History][F]
    Odyaee [Consensus-Appointed Minister of Agriculture][M]
    Buwa [Consensus-Appointed Minister of Liasing with Humans][M]
    Cwalwi [Self-Appointed Minster of Records; Consensus-Appointed Minister of Justice][F]
    Dwakia [Self-Appointed Minister of the Census; Consensus-Appointed Minister of Finance][M]
    Mwaris [Self-Appointed Minister of Defense; Self-Appointed Minister of Law Enforcement][F]
    Dyaze [Self-Appointed Minister of Emergency Services][M]
    Iriwande [Self-Appointed Minister of International Participation-in-Things][Mevwan Senator, Pelagia's Speaker][M]
    Devwia [Self-Appointed Minister of Culture; Self-Appointed Minister of Public Goods][F]
    Iviwe [Self-Appointed Minister of Cartography; Consensus-Appointed Minister of Licensing][F]


    The humans of Mevwan are very decentralized. Individual provinces, cities, towns, or even large families choose leaders by idiosyncratic processes. These leaders attend (or don't) open-forum style meetings, where someone whose official title is just "minutes-taker" keeps track of the tenor of discussion and submits a summary to whoever is in charge lately. "Whoever is in charge lately" is usually called the Avewe, more because the Zaee wanted to have a name for this position than because the humans did. The Avewe is chosen in the same way as everything else - the minutes-taker(s) determine who people seem to want to have with the job. The position changes hands at random times depending on the flow of opinion. There can be more than one Avewe at any given time if people seem to think that's a good idea. Minutes-takers wield considerable subtle influence, but anyone authorized to attend meetings can bring a notebook to a meeting, write things down, and bring it to the Avewe(s), so it's not a locked-in exclusive power.

    Current Avewe:

    Mokarith N. C. Z. lo-Parh


    The Cezkwe and the Avewe(s) must come to an agreement for the nation of Mevwan as a whole to take action, but Zaee can be authorized to do things by the Cezkwe without the explicit support of the Avewe(s) and vice-versa for humans. In the Senate, Iriwande, the Self-Appointed Minister of International Participation-in-Things, represents both parts of the government and speaks on behalf of the nation.

    The capital of Mevwan is called Delo-Kyan. It was called Delo (and was not a capital) before the Zaee crashed, but a significant Zaee population settled there and called it Kyan, and eventually it became the center of political activity and its name was hyphenated.
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    Re: Mevwan Politics

    Postby Alicorn » Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:51 pm

    The Delo-Kyan Municipal Board of Tourism issues the following pamphlet:

    Are you getting ready to take a vacation? Consider beautiful Delo-Kyan! Situated on the northern coast of central Island, it's a perfect example of all the best Mevwan has to offer. Must-see sites include:

    - The Capital Center, a campus of several buildings including the Avewe's staff offices, the Cezkwe meetinghouse, the building people have been meeting in to discuss politics lately because it seemed like a good building for the purpose, and the Bureaus of such departments as Citizenship; Public Goods; Interfaith Cooperation; Product Regulation; Psi, Defense, and Energy; Technological Advancement; Press Archival (newly expanded!); Transportation; Law and Justice; Finance; Infrastructure and Nourishment; [redacted]; Welfare Services; and International Relations. (Many of these Bureaus are open every day! Consult a tour guide for up-to-date details on their hours.)
    - The Crash Museum, featuring many parts of the original Kwa-Mevwan and offering daily guided tours to the crater.
    - The Golden Flagpole in Kio-ath Square is only a short walk from the Museum of Mevwani History.
    - The Print Tower, the nation's largest collection of presses for hire, offers interactive tours: print yourself a souvenir! Visit the gift shop for your own set of authentic movable type in the Print Tower's original font!
    - Rathteik Station, the second-largest train station in Mevwan, and its Train Museum.
    - The Embassy Circle, just east of Delo-Kyan proper, featuring the embassy for each nation with which we have established relations.
    - Palde Avenue, source of the finest dining in the nation - every restaurant is comprehensively streamered, no need to inquire within about compatibility with your species or dietary restrictions!
    - The Retail Quarter: exactly what it sounds like! Shop until you can't carry any more, then hire a cart or a perturber and shop more!
    - Stage Street, a collection of the foremost theaters, playing the latest productions. Get your fill of Cosashi traditional dance, symphonic telepathy, provincial drama, and more from Mevwan's best performers.
    - Ethdan's Lantern, the architectural masterpiece of a Lantern Bright Hapheng temple - even non-Haphengko can appreciate its artistic significance! Other major sites of worship in Delo-Kyan include Sun's Purity, Revelation Delo, Anand-Ei's Sacred House of Enlightenment Beyond, All Patrons Offer-site, and the Silver Monument to Beoi, Averter of Doom.
    - Fortune House, the world's only large-scale organized enterprise of anticipaths in business to tell you what your future holds and what you can do about it!
    - Kyan Park and Zoo, a collection including every species of offworld plant and animal that was brought to Pelagia! See also its sister institution, Park and Zoo of Pelagia, which showcases many exotic plants and animals originating closer to home; the Park of Pelagia includes a labyrinth of trellises you will love to get lost in.
    - The largest campus belonging to the Mevwan Art Collective is just south of Delo-Kyan proper: don't miss the ice sculpture gardens in winter, and there's always a standing archive of our nation's finest modern sculpture, painting, and other creative works. (For older art, visit the Delo-Kyan Museum of Art History.)
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