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    Re: Chatlog Dump

    Postby Alicorn » Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:17 pm

    Alicorn: Ade has now gotten a high enough post count that I get ECs for her.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): :)
    Alicorn: you should post things.
    Alicorn: then I will get ECs for you too.
    Alicorn: post an Ace story.
    Alicorn: write about him learning kovwi or something.
    Alicorn: Also you get your own account of ECs for winning the newspaper contest and you are technically allowed to spend them on anything you want but I want that lake north of us soooo much. but I need more ECs to buy a ring around it and a corridor.
    Alicorn: like ten times as many as we have jointly.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Hm. He'd probably learn kovwis from his wing-parent whose name I keep forgetting.
    Alicorn: Kowedyo.
    Alicorn: You and Ade can write it, but you should be the one to post it.
    Alicorn: Also we should write Ace/Gevene stuff and you should post that.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Metagaming Ace: Heh heh
    Winged One (Alphabeta): I don't really give very many craps about the map, so I'm not sure ECs are of any use to me.
    Alicorn: You can probably just outright transfer them to my fund if you want
    Winged One (Alphabeta): I'd better save them up before I do that so that I can get as many to you as possible before the pipeline gets cut off with a sharp blow with the nerf stick.
    Alicorn: I don't think the nerf stick is likely to hit your ability to give me credits.
    Alicorn: I will ask Our Beloved Autokrator.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Why not? It exists and has to do with Mevwan, and that's the pattern I've observed with its beatings.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Wow, I'm a lot more bitter than I thought I was.
    Alicorn: He says he would never make a rule to prevent you from giving me credits you win.
    Alicorn: Also his perspective on the matter seems to be that we are a sinister conspiracy meeting in shadowy places and rubbing our hands together as we plan to flout the rules.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): We only did that once!
    Alicorn: :P
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Actually, ask him if he's going to break out the nerf stick again if I post every scene that has anything to do with any of my characters in order to make my post count go up faster.
    Alicorn: He says normally it would annoy him but since he knows you're going to get to thirty eventually he's not going to worry about it.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Yeah, I probably will. I'm lazy, but not that lazy.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Oh, and our evil plot happened /after/ he began his habit of hitting us with the nerf stick every week.
    Alicorn: He says "Tell him that all I'm doing is, I made one rule, and now all I'm doing is closing loopholes that you conspire every week in your conspiracy."
    Winged One (Alphabeta): A rule that was explicitly made to disadvantage us and that was at first phrased such that I thought it was just a request.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Wait, what's this lake you want?
    Alicorn: Lookit our map.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Ah. That's a very big lake, or we're even smaller than I thought.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Why do you want it, anyway?
    Alicorn: Because I want to put *plesiosaurs* in it and *giant freshwater squids*.
    Alicorn: Also, Our Beloved Autokrator says that he would *not* hit us with the nerf stick if you started your own statelet. Even if you happened to do this right after hitting postcount 30. Also you could claim the area around the lake and be a vassal state and then I would get recruitment bonuses for recruiting a new statelet, too.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): ...while those are awesome, I don't know if they'd fit.
    Alicorn: It's a huge lake and it can TOTALLY have plesiosaurs and giant squids.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): I mean thematically.
    Alicorn: it would be *cool* so it can happen.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Uh... yeah, I think starting my own statelet would be kind of dishonest, since I'm basically here as your minion.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): And I don't have an idea for one.
    Alicorn: Well, you would have to do some stuff with it, but you could totally be a vassal state
    Alicorn: hmm, OBA sez if you hit citizen postcount and then have your own statelet I don't get both bonuses, just the statelet bonus
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Also, I think he's trying to hand the nerf stick to the senate.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): The issue of a lack of ideas still remains.
    Alicorn: you'd just be a Mevwani colony. you could borrow all the culture and stuff but you'd live around the lake, and have plesiosaurs and squids.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Hee hee
    Alicorn: like 90% of the stuff you could do could be in interaction-with-Mevwan format.
    Alicorn: OBA sez you could also keep Laren in regular Mevwan.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): But... effort...
    Alicorn: OBA sez "If he doesn't want to, that's fine."
    Winged One (Alphabeta): And Adelene said we should keep our reputation more in mind.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): The other players would have every right to call shenanigans on this plan.
    Alicorn: Apparently you and OBA have different views on what is okay. He thinks what we've been doing contestwise is totally suspicious but a vassal state would be fine.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Hey, I thought that collaborative story was shady too, I just thought it'd be worth it
    Alicorn: heh.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): I can think of some pretty nasty senatorial 'sploits based on having a vassal state...
    Alicorn: oh?
    Winged One (Alphabeta): You'd effectively have 2 votes in the senate, Adelene could move between the states to get around the restrictions on voting for your stuff in contests
    Alicorn: OBA mutters "conspiracy" repeatedly.
    Alicorn: OBA also speaks in tongues but only when I startle or tickle him.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): ...I'm sorry for having a personality?
    Alicorn: OBA says, "He should only be sorry for having an evil personality. An evil plotting conspiracy personality."
    Alicorn: I have volunteered to take responsibility for you on the grounds that you are my minion.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): If I wasn't at least somewhat evil I wouldn't be human.
    Alicorn: Human suck, were you aware?
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Yes. We should totally upgrade to a version that doesn't suck.
    Alicorn: BTW OBA does not hate you, it merely amuses him to tease you.
    Alicorn: Also he does not care for the "conspiracy".
    Winged One (Alphabeta): ...oh.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): The former is actually news to me.
    Alicorn: I think you guys should directly converse.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Does he have some form of IM?
    Alicorn: his MSN is
    Winged One (Alphabeta): He seems to be offline
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Well, off of MSN, anyway.
    Alicorn: he's attempting to ping you now.
    Alicorn: he totally did just set it.
    Alicorn: He's embellishing; he's been reading over my shoulder.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): *waves at the Autokrator*
    Alicorn: you're not my minion everywhere?
    Winged One (Alphabeta): There are dark corners of the internet where you aren't present, for instance.
    Alicorn: heheh.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Nor am I your minion in EotS
    Alicorn: you will be if our characters start dating :P
    Alicorn: OBA is censorin
    Alicorn: g me!
    Alicorn: now he isn't.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): ...what does that entail?
    Alicorn: he had his finger on my delete key.
    Alicorn: is the stuff that isn't his business a secret or do you just not personally wish to share?
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Well, it's not like it's hard to tell that we dated that one time, but I have this whole privacy reflex.
    Alicorn: We were never Officially Dating.
    Alicorn: Also OBA is still reading over my shoulder.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): I prepared Explosive Runes this morning
    Alicorn: Sorry, my computer and its surroundings remain intact
    Alicorn: OBA likes you!
    Alicorn: From context, I surmise that this is because of the runes joke.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Even after I tried to burn his eyes out with hot pink text?
    Alicorn: It doesn't look pink here
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Huh.
    Alicorn: Maybe that's why it didn't explode.
    Winged One (Alphabeta): Anyway, I didn't say I cast it. :P
    Alicorn: Heheheheh.
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    Re: Chatlog Dump

    Postby Alicorn » Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:17 pm

    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Hey.
    Alicorn: Hiya. I just got ECs for you having achieved postcount.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): :D
    Alicorn: I need like ten times more than I have to swallow up the lake though.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): *nods*
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Winged has 1k, too, from that newspaper contest.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): There don't really seem to be ways for non-senators to spend ECs, which should perhaps be changed.
    Alicorn: No, he can spend them
    Alicorn: but is presumed to be most likely to agree to contribute them to stuff I want.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): *nods*
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): I'll poke more at that later. For now: Any plans on timelines for Mevwan getting airships?
    Alicorn: When it is convenient to do something with that.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Okay. I was considering introducing them in one of Avana's journal entries - she goes to Delo-Kyan, goes to some uncle-ish person's shop to sell or put up for commission the stuff she's picked up elsewhere, and that person goes "we should go see the new airships they've got for sale in the next town over", which they then do.
    Alicorn: Go for it.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Cool. That'll probably be my next journal entry, then.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): (2:03:15 AM) Adelene: It will look less munchkiney if we do something with Laren, then.
    (2:11:51 AM) Winged: Probably. They may not hold it against me. I'm having Alicorn ask the nerf stick's owner.
    (2:12:36 AM) Adelene: 'k
    (2:12:46 AM) Winged: [23:10] computermadsci: Actually, ask him if he's going to break out the nerf stick again if I post every scene that has anything to do with any of my characters in order to make my post count go up faster.
    [23:11] Alicorn24: He says normally it would annoy him but since he knows you're going to get to thirty eventually he's not going to worry about it.
    (2:14:10 AM) Adelene: 'kay. Though I do think we should be paying a bit more attention to general reputation than we have been, not just with Scott. Especially with more things being decided in the senate now.
    (2:16:23 AM) Winged: Noted. I suggest telling Alicorn that too.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta):
    Alicorn: yes.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): ^.^
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): ... t170678846
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): (Incidentally, Mevwan strikes me as "love and tolerate the shit out of you"-type people, to a degree. Which is amusing.)
    Alicorn: Hee hee.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Oh! What did you think of the first Avana journal entry?
    Alicorn: I liked it!
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): :D
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): I'm curious about how the bit with the movie came across.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): *poke* have any banner colors been made canon besides red and green for Zaee and humans and the five for the religions?
    Alicorn: Nope. Help yourself if you need more.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): I don't so much need more as want the banners to be a little more distinctive - maybe use those as background colors and have other patterns or things on them to differentiate one shop's banners from another, or something.
    Alicorn: like plaids or something? I think non-species, non-religion banners could be more patterny
    Alicorn: but I think the streamers themselves should be standard
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Plaids would be interesting, and also keep with the scarf thing from the school.
    Alicorn: Scarves were gingham.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Gingham is similar to plaid.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Unless I'm badly misremembering something.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): *checks google* yeah, gingham can be described as a very very simple plaid.
    Alicorn: mm.
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    Re: Chatlog Dump

    Postby Alicorn » Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:19 pm

    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): I got up to basically the big reveal in the Avana/airship story, and now I'm stuck.
    Alicorn: The big reveal being "airships!"?
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Yep.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Wanna see?
    Alicorn: Sure.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): (Also I'm considering changing the uncle to an aunt, just because the 'jolly old uncle' thing seems a bit stereotyped as it stands.)
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Avana glides through the late-afternoon sun, her flight-basket slung below her, headed to Towie's shop, a few streets inland from the dock where the Kowedyo has made port. She spots the familiar multicolored banner, and steadies the large basket as she maneuvers to a neat landing at the shop's entrance. Once inside, she quietly sets her basket down behind the counter, and browses the shop's displays while her wing-uncle finishes haggling with his customer.

    "Avana! I wasn't expecting you until morning; you must have hit a good wind coming in." Towie greets her with a kovwi, and then sets her basket on the counter. "Did you bring anything interesting?"

    Avana lollops to the counter and rummages around inside the basket, taking things out of it as she speaks. "Yes... let's see... dried flowers from Teekara - some whole ones, plus I got a few bags of petals that might make some nice specialty paper... jewelry, of course, I have some nice pendants this time... colored ink, most of that's back on the ship though, I didn't want to fly with it and the other things... some new glow paint, from Xalt... maps, especially of Galinomai... and I have some electric toys from Lant again, since that last batch sold so well, but those are on the ship, too. I can bring them by tomorrow morning. Will the usual commission be okay?"

    Towie examines the items on the counter. "I'm going to have to start setting aside another shelf downstairs for you, soon, aren't I?" he grins at her. "You've got a good eye. Yes, the usual commission will be fine. We can dicker over prices for the paint and the flowers tomorrow, though; there's something I think you'd like to see, tonight. They've been working on a new kind of ship design, and they've been testing it in the evenings. What do you say?"

    "A new ship? I didn't see any new ships at the port."

    "It's not at the port," Towie grins mischievously. "Let me get Yivin to watch the shop, and I'll show you." Without waiting for an answer, he lollops out the back door to get his wingson. Avana harumpfs in mock-annoyance, then chuckles, and spends the few moments while Towie is gone tucking her goods back into the flight basket and stowing it under the counter. "...and if anyone asks for me, just tell them I'll be back shortly after nightfall," Towie instructs his son as they re-enter the shop. "Shall I bring you back something from Lanyi's?"

    "Nightfall, got it," the adolescent Zaee agrees, setting a thick stack of papers and a pen on the counter. "And... a prinka cone, from Lanyi, with ivril and green sauce." He writes this last bit on a scrap of paper and hands it to Towie. "And if you're going by Beya's at all, I could use some more ink."

    "All right, I'll see what I can do. Ready, Avana?"

    She nods, and he leads the way, not toward the beach, but inland, toward the setting sun. After a short flight, they turn slightly north toward an empty field with a building that looks like a large, hastily-constructed stone barn at one end. They approach the barn, and join the half-dozen or so other Zaee on its roof.

    "You're pulling my tail again, aren't you, uncle Towie? Nobody would test a ship here - even if they wanted to test how it handles perturbation, there's not enough room. What's really going on?"

    "Just you wait," Towie is grinning so widely that it's obvious that he's up to something. "It looks like we're just in time; they'll be starting any minute now. Hear that?"

    Avana perks her ears, and hears the sound of running water, along with a strange hissing, from inside the building. She looks questioningly at her uncle, who gestures at her to be patient, and after a few minutes of hissing, she hears the metal doors of the barn being opened, and sees what looks like a giant half-full cloth sack rising into the air on that side of the building.
    Alicorn: :D
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Actually I could probably just cut it there and switch to that day's journal entry.
    Alicorn: :)
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Oh - how obvious is it that Lanyi runs a restaurant?
    Alicorn: Hadn't occurred to me.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): mm.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Someone should start a Zaee-words dictionary. Seems like a thread would be kind of lousy for that purpose, though - can't have one complete list, unless one person takes over keeping it up to date.
    Alicorn: *nod*
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): I think it's pretty easy to get a wiki these days - I'm almost sure I've run into wikis set up on places that run like wordpress.
    Alicorn: I think an entire wiki would be overkill and I don't like the syntax.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Not necessarily a mediawiki-type wiki, and not all of them use that syntax.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): And "an entire wiki" doesn't have to be large. Even if we only want 3 or 4 pages on it it might still be worthwhile.
    Alicorn: okay.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): I'll look into it. :)
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): I'm very tempted to have Avana write a journal entry for that day that's just a date and "Airships!", but I'm not sure how that'll come across.
    Alicorn: Hee.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): I suppose I can establish later that she does sometimes write one-word entries on days where nothing very complicated has happened.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): And, posted.
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    Re: Chatlog Dump

    Postby Alicorn » Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:21 pm

    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): 'morning :)
    Alicorn: afternoon.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): We have a wiki.
    Alicorn: today I have to do laundry, end the HTHT poll, get the kitchen into adequate shape for brownie baking, bake brownies, pack them and Emily's clothes in boxes, fill out CI paperwork, and mail all those things.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): I picked it specifically for its WYSIWYG editor, though that hasn't been quite flawless so far.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Also we are rather low on food and alarmingly low on cat food, and Corvi's still distracted with Haga, so we need to figure out whether it's reasonable to walk to the grocery store some night soon or better to call a cab.
    Alicorn: rar, I'm not going to make it to the post office today
    Alicorn: they will be closed
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): mm.
    Alicorn: I will check our food situation and provide an estimate of how long I can feed us on what's available. internet says it's 87º outside =/
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): I did say 'some night' for a reason.
    Alicorn: *nod*
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Alternately it might be worth it to have Amazon second-day us some cat food if that's the only thing we *need* within the next week.
    Alicorn: *nod*
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Is Delo-Kyan province different in any significant way from Delo-Kyan city, as with New York?
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): (If not, that's a rather huge city.)
    Alicorn: Delo-Kyan:NYC::Delo-Kyan Province:the tristate area
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Ok. I'll give 'em separate wiki pages then.
    Alicorn: I'd ask you if *you* want to run a vassal state containing lake provinces instead of Winged, but you're more interested in Zaee and they all live on Island.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): I could be interested in such a thing.
    Alicorn: my hesitance there is that you are much less of an Alicorn's Minion than Winged is.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Depends among other things on what you mean by 'vassal state', though.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Also yes, I don't do minion well.
    Alicorn: I mean, I'm not gonna stop you from moving out and claiming a statelet, but *I* want the lake; Winged as a vassal statelet owner would be having the lake as a substitute for me having the lake.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): *nods*
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): *snerk*
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Corvi and I are planning on going to see the new X-Men movie once Haga's gone back home. There's a reasonable chance you'll be invited to come along.
    Alicorn: I want to see that.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): :)
    Alicorn: we don't have any skim milk, right? or if we do it's expired?
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): There's some in there, I don't know about expiration dates.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): I won't be surprised if it's expired.
    Alicorn: *nod*
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): *pokes at wiki* You mentioned Shter-Dwat and Cothdin in various articles on the forum, the former probably being a city and the latter definitely being one. Did you have plans for where those places were?
    Alicorn: If Zaee live in them, they're on Island somewhere.
    Alicorn: Otherwise no.
    Alicorn: Wait, I think Cothdin might have been in the article about Ace?
    Alicorn: In which case it's in Sedsesh, like Miara was.
    Alicorn: okay, History post lists Preng, Hatashet, Mio, and Shter-Dwat as cities Zaee live in
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): It was mentioned in passing in that, as a city that he could possibly have accidentally if his power was strong enough. Also Shter-Dwat was mentioned in that and in the Still Minds article as having psions.
    Alicorn: they can be anywhere in Island
    Alicorn: Psions live anywhere
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): *nods*
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Funny how the tellurics seem to specifically match the country boundaries.
    Alicorn: I think the country boundaries match the tellurics.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): More plausible but still odd.
    Alicorn: so anyway, Island has Preng, Hatashet, Mio, and Shter-Dwat (plus Delo-Kyan). Mainland had Miara and has Cothdin.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Ok.
    Alicorn: Oh, and Bright Shore province contains a town called Rinthio, where Jida from Pen Pals lives.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): I'll add that. I'm not entirely sure how to list places where we know whether they're on Island or Mainland but not what province they're in, but I'll figure something out.
    Alicorn: You can pick arbitrary provinces for the ones that don't have specified ones.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): *nods* 'd prefer not to, tho.
    Alicorn: okay.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta):
    Alicorn: Kembar?
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): The next town over from Miara, which reported on Miara's destruction.
    Alicorn: Oh.
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    Re: Chatlog Dump

    Postby Alicorn » Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:22 pm

    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): I have a plot idea that you might find interesting for Mevwan.
    Alicorn: ?
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Either when you get the lake (really a sea, given its size) area, or as part of some other exploration, some ruins are found with what appear to be exceptionally lifelike statues inside, and interesting tech. Some of the statues and most of the tech are brought back to Mevwan proper; the tech turns out to put people into or take people out of suspended animation, and the statues are people.
    Alicorn: Hmm. Does not match the poorly defined aesthetic in my head.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): Might not have a large aesthetic effect, if there's only a few hundred people-statues and the tech is too advanced to work reliably in our local tellurics.
    Alicorn: ngeh.
    Adelene Dawner (Deltabeta): 'k
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