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    Speaker's Sunday Speech [3]

    Postby Alicorn » Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:36 am

    Apparently I'm supposed to do one of these for contest announcements. Possibly this is a subtle dig at me for failing at it last week. So.

    - Winged One won the phrasebook contest. What are we doing now for contests? Let's call it a thousand EC; I'd do more but he didn't have to beat many people.

    - Everybody but me (which is okay because my entry sucked) wins the geography contest. Everybody but me gets 750 EC because that is one heckuva tie and they all only beat one person. Whose entry sucked.

    - Winged One and Shyriath won the metacontest. 1,500 EC to each because there was more competition there and we used the ideas. And 500 to Nate because we're using his runner-up idea this week...

    - New contest: Minority group in your statelet.

    - You can vote on pony designs now.

    - You can vote on daily life stories now too.
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