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    Speaker's Sunday Speech [2]

    Postby Alicorn » Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:58 am

    1. Our Beloved Autokrator would rather sleep than Address us, so I'm Speaking to fill the void. As tradition demands when authorities on the Internet slumber, we should now all post PONIES!!!!!!

    2. There's another contest up, too, and also voting on Phrasebooks. My hovercraft is full of eels.

    3. It's been pretty quiet around here. If you have half an idea for a story but lack the impetus to finish it, consider posting it in the Story Invitation Thread to get help, or picking up one of the loose ends that is dangling tantalizingly therein. Or you could just demand tribute from your neighbors at swordpoint and see what happens. Also, did you know that in Galinomai, talking quetzals who stand on bears can call you out on your bullshit?

    4. People seem to think that me and Our Beloved Autokrator should get 2,000 ECs come the end of our terms in September. So we will. Yay!

    5. Discussion has stalled on the subject of The Senate's Islands. If people don't come to an actionable agreement on that I'm just going to make something up, again. AND YOU WILL ALL LIKE IT. Or you'll hate it and you'll tell Scott to yell at me. Whichever.
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