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    Autokrator's Sunday Address, Year 48

    Postby Scott Alexander » Mon Jun 27, 2011 9:32 am

    1. Thanks to everyone participating in the recruitment drive (hi, Alicorn!). The light of Archipelago has been brought unto many infidels, and many expansion credits have been awarded. And welcome to McSherrie, Torger, and Erik, the leaders of our three new statelets. They should all have forums by now, and their statelets should all be on the recently published new map.

    2. The Senate has decided to locate the world capital on some small islands that were totally already there in the center of the Central Sea between Neroles, Calaspira, Eorlas, and Echaras. The city still needs a name, a city plan, and some idea how it's going to be constructed. There's some discussion of at least the city planning aspect in the Senate Islands thread in the Center of the World.

    3. Version 8.0 of the map is out, and it's a big update. Most importantly, Aryashti trade expeditions to the east have uncovered an entirely new and very extensive series of island chains, tentatively named Makaranesia. The Office of the Autokrator has declared itself ready to accept applications from the peoples of these islands for Senate membership - ie they may now be claimed by new statelets. In order to better display Makaranesia, the borders of the map have been shifted a bit (though it is still the same size overall), and subsequent to more accurate naval charts, Dromosker has been moved closer to Neroles. The map also includes the new world capital (now marked only as "World Capital") and the three new statelets. In addition, there are some minor stylistic changes - the ocean has been redone, a few countries are different colors to distinguish them better from their neighbors, and one or two other odds and ends. It's available for your inspection here. If you guys manage to still need more islands after this, then I...I don't know what I'll think.

    4. I decided not to halve the expansion credit cost of new land, because 1 EC = 1 pixel is too elegant a rule to meddle with. Instead, I've doubled everyone's expansion credits, doubled the cost of most things and will be doubling the reward for contests and bounties - that means land still costs the same amount, but you'll have twice as many credits to buy it with. I believe I've done what I can to make this fair: I've credited Harvey enough ECs to make up for him having bought land and cities before the change, I've reduced Aryeztur's debt, etc. If anyone still has complaints, let me know.

    5. Alicorn won last week's Culture Tests contest, and CJ, Corey, and Harvey all tied for runner-up. In keeping with new, increased contest rewards, Alicorn got 2000 ECs and the runners-up all got 1000. This week, you may vote on last week's Gestures Contest and on the Collaboration Contest from two weeks ago. Remember the new rules: please don't vote for another person from your statelet.

    6. This week's contests are a Geography Contest and a Metacontest. Our Beloved Speaker and I have been discussing who gets to decide on contests; I'm doing it this week because our beloved Speaker is sort of a pushover, but this might change. Maybe we'll settle for one each in weeks to come, depending on whether one of us tends to make more popular contests than the other.

    7. After the sports discussion last week, I've started a poll on a possible baseball league.

    8. The big excitement this week is a lot like the big excitement last week. The Diary of Preternatural has reached a pretty exciting climax, Mevwan still does lots of stuff, and the Drachumvelin refugees continue to suffer one disaster after another as told in the Trial of Eith Korphorin. If you're looking for something new, Apollantis has joined the fun and will soon be entering the surprisingly prestigious double-digit post club.

    9. Our Beloved Speaker with Our Beloved Autokrator

    10. So far well over half our posts have been in the central forums on the top, and a smaller portion in the statelets. This surprises me. I had always envisioned Archipelago as being all about the statelets, with the shared forums just being places to discuss the rare inter-statelet affair. I guess I shouldn't mak a big deal of it because I know bugging people to do creative stuff is the easiest way to turn it into work and make it no longer fun, and that a lot of people have trouble writing without a prompt, and there are a couple of places that are developing some depth. But if anyone has any ideas to make the statelets flourish, lemme know. Or if we could figure out a way to bottle Mevwan and export it elsewhere...
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    Re: Autokrator's Sunday Address, Year 48

    Postby Harvey » Mon Jun 27, 2011 12:24 pm

    I think we all are holding on to hope that some day Scott will actually open his eyes and see the world.

    Regarding most of the talk in the common forms... don't mess with it, man. The statelets will always be there if people want to be solitary, and it's a lot harder to get them to talk to eachother than to get them to be solitary.
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    Re: Autokrator's Sunday Address, Year 48

    Postby Aryeztur » Mon Jun 27, 2011 4:51 pm

    I really wish Makarensia wasn't so in your face close to Echaras. Can't it be moved a bit deeper into the ocean?
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