[Pentheral Bull] To Protect At-Risk People and New Families

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[Pentheral Bull] To Protect At-Risk People and New Families

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Chaire Eugenoi,

Cathedrals, Missions, and all Bous-fearing Bovics around the world are hereby called to protect and defend women and men who are at risk to being preyed upon and coerced into organizations primarily associated with sex. It is a sad fact that women and men may say they consent to unwanted sexual requests if they fear for their life, their jobs, their families, their homes, etc. Women and men who are in danger of being recruited into religious sex organizations may freely claim membership in the Global Bovic Herd, to begin their journey to worship Bous, to avoid recruitment, take advantage of social services provided by local Bovic churches, and seek legal counsel. By becoming Bovics, these at-risk women and men will hopefully become ineligible for recruitment in to certain religious harems or at the very least allow them time to get help.

As required by local need, Cathedrals and Missions are to establish women and men's shelters to protect, and possibly relocate, at-risk people from harmful situations.

Mutual, ongoing, and continual consent among adults is required for Bous to smile and bless your sexual relationships, whether it be recreational or procreational. All men and women should come together on equal terms without inherent power structures, patriarchal/matriarchal oppression, fear of implied or unspoken threats, or quid pro quo sexual relations.

The historically dubious, unfounded, and barbaric practice of 'primae noctis' is declared to be repugnant to the Bovic Church. Consent in this inherently imbalanced arrangement cannot be assumed to be given freely when one party is subordinate (the subject/citizen/serf/newlyweds) to the other (the lord), regardless of the professed benevolence of the lord and alleged mutual desire of the subjected parties (bride, groom).

I call upon The Palatine Kingdom of Uppland to reverse their new law, which directly prompted this Pentheral Bull, and strive to pursue their culture of sexual liberation in better adults-only, sex-positive, pro-feminist, consent-focused ways.

Decreed by my hand with the guidance and assent of the Bovic Quadrate and for the benefit of all Athlon, all Natopia, all Bovics, and all Micras

His Holiness


Pentheros of the Dozan Bovic Church
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Re: [Pentheral Bull] To Protect At-Risk People and New Famil

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Armin Jamal-Arminzadeh
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Re: [Pentheral Bull] To Protect At-Risk People and New Famil

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Your Holiness,

Due consideration will be given to your call.
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Re: [Pentheral Bull] To Protect At-Risk People and New Famil

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One wonders if the recovery of sexually traumatised Upplanders in Bovic churches might be a little compromised by the first rendition of Milk the Bull...
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