[Pentheral Bull] Outreach to the North-East Quarter

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[Pentheral Bull] Outreach to the North-East Quarter

Post by Aldin » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:45 pm



Chaire Eugenoi,

The Eparchy of Elijah's Rest, which exercises spiritual domain over the North-East Quarter of Micras, and takes an interest in the well-being of all sentient life found there, is hereby directed to embark on a Mission of Outreach to the lost souls on Keltia.

The Church has seen how the North-East has become increasingly destabilized following the rise of the Strait people. They are violent, brutish, creatures and have proven their inability to integrate into the great global community of Micras.

The Strait people and all practitioners of the Stripping Path have been found to be among the most intolerant people on Micras. Denominations of this 'religion' practice human sacrifice, espouse and celebrate misogyny, rely on puppy mills for their economy, illegal profiteering from surplus foods, brainwashing and coercion of state officials, promoting and encouraging piracy, apostates of our beloved Melusine sister-faith, among countless other atrocities.

Therefore, we do hereby establish the following Missions in the following cities, to provide a beacon of Bous's love as an alternative faith for those trapped under the capricious and violent spells of a false prophet walking a doomed Path.

The Mission to Jangsong
The Mission to Vaeringheim
The Mission to Jogi
The Mission to Mylecia
The Mission to Blore Heath

The Bosarchs assigned to lead these Missions into the heart of savagery are granted certain rights and indulgences to counteract the evil that has taken root in those Strait ports. They will attempt to correct the wrongly held beliefs of the Doomed Path with the love of Bous, which is at the discretion of the Bosarchs. Those who do not renounce the doomed Path will be found guilty of those moral sins committed in the name of the Stripping Path: human sacrifice, misogyny, brainwashing, piracy, illegal profiteering, and apostasy, and will be transferred for advanced reconditioning in the iron mines of Leng.

Decreed by my hand with the guidance and assent of the Bovic Quadrate and for the benefit of all Athlon, all Natopia, all Bovics, and all Micras

His Holiness


Pentheros of the Dozan Bovic Church
Metrobosarch of Doza, Ruler of the Pentheral State of Athlon, Prince of the Princely Isle, Count of Yardistan, Count of Macon Rapids, Shahzade Bey of Aurum, Lord in Jorvik
Grand Master of the Most Holy Order of the Armored Goats, Sovereign Head of the Order of the Wardens of the East, Grand Master of the Bovic Order of St. Biffor, Lord of the Servants of Bous, Progeny of the Once-Living God, Blessed Quadruplet of the Bovic Quadrate
His Eminence, Aldin Ayreon-Kalirion
Metrobosarch of the Eparchy of Smjorkyr,
Marquess of Sentratera

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