Malarbor says: Well, pitiful servants, it would seem that in the season of dank memery has come to an end. In other news, The Steward blew up almost as much as voter turn out for the ensuing emergency elections for her replacement. Hmm, what else? Ah yes, Elwynn's President was executed in a questionably legal fashion by the King of Goldshire after the whole ordeal was deemed by his Highness to be taking altogether far to long. Which brings us to our final topic, the rebirth of Batavia. Yes, it seems the motivation of either party to get on with it has seen more ups and downs than a yo-yo tournament. Will the project succeed? Mail us and share your thoughts. MALARBOR DEMANDS IT!!!
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It has been a great quandary, what to do with the Froyalanish pests who washed up on Elwynn's shores - unbidden - thirty-six years ago. How swiftly, in the name of diversity, they overturned and set at nought the ancient customs and proud traditions of the Elw. How readily they sought to divide the population and set communities against themselves, identifying no longer with the nation but with ever more reductive ethnic groups whilst these Storrish invaders heaped the spoils at their own tables, around which hangers-on from their wretched "High Realm" soon came to cluster. Quietly and patiently we endured the perversions of their religion, the abominations and presumptions of their propaganda, and the material and carnal greed of their so-called King.

Yet when we saw that the King was no longer content to confine his lusts to his own realm and had stretched forth his hand - and other appendages - to grasp blameless Mishalan, we felt obliged to act. Swiftly and decisively we did and to Uppland did Noah fly, to continue his peacock struttings and blatherings where they need not trouble us. Yet we were left with the question of what to do with the myriads of followers, who swarmed Benacia in preposterous numbers. Malarbor's suggestion of grinding their corpses into bonemeal was sadly ignored.

Happy then must the Froyalanish be to know that the prudent counsels of the Count Palatine of Kazan, our illustrious Steward, have prevailed. Instead of a wretched death at the hands of vengeful neighbours, the Froyalanish are being offered a chance to redeem themselves through meaningful work in the colonies thoughtfully ordained by her Serenity.


How reassuring it must be for them to know - even as their lineages dilute and their male lines of descent are cut off at the root - that they and their descendants will spend the dwindling years remaining to them on this our Benacian homeland, in grateful service to the nations of our Imperial Republic whom they did once so grievously wrong.

  1. In Modan: Daniyal ibn Daniyal Simrani-Kalirion: Prince of the State of Modan. Palatine Legate of the Scholae Kalirion.
  2. In Elwynn: Liv Dravot: Imperial Mother, Arandur of the Southern League, Widow of the late Daniyal Sikander Dravot. Administrator of the estate of the late Thorgils Tarjeisson. Chairwoman of the ESB Group.

The Deceased

  1. Burgrave Waldemar Zinkgraven: Drowned in a Cask of Ale. (1660)
  2. Daniyal Dravot: intracerebral haemorrhage. (1657)
  3. The Kaiser Dominus: Ingested by a daemonic hellspawn from another dimension. (1644)

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