Ministerial Edict 1670/M/E/001: Deployment to Talenore

For the coordination and control of all aspects of defence and security for the Imperial Republic and its dependent territories.

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Ministerial Edict 1670/M/E/001: Deployment to Talenore

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Ministerial Edict 1670/M/E/001: Deployment to the State of Talenore

The Noor Banner Group is ordered to deploy from MoMA Station Sagittarius and take up station at MoMA Station Talenore, and coordinate patrol duties with the Governor-General.
  • Noor Banner Group
    • ZNS Kaiser Mors IV (Mortis Class Aircraft Carrier)
      LSV-01 (Viviantia Class Logistical Support Vessel)
      LSV-02 (Viviantia Class Logistical Support Vessel)
      ZNS Kaiser Raynor X (Raynor Class Cruiser)
      ZNS Lothlaria (Duchy Class Destroyer)
      ZNS Straylight (Duchy Class Destroyer)
      ZNS Vijayanagara (City Class Diesel Submarine)
      ZNS Fatehpur Sikri (City Class Diesel Submarine)
      ZNS Haraldsby (City Class Diesel Submarine)
      ZNS Dracoheim (City Class Diesel Submarine)
    • Carrier Aviation Group 3 (17 F8 Shrike multirole fighters)
      Carrier Aviation Group 4 (10 AV-8B Harrier II)
      Carrier Aviation Group 8 (12 UH-1Y Venom, 6 AH-1Z Viper)
      Carrier Aviation Group 14 (10 GAV(AS)-1 Snaggletooth)
      Carrier Aviation Group 15 (10 GAV(AS)-1 Snaggletooth)
      Munitions Group 57 (200 AGM-84 Harpoon)
      Carrier Aviation Group 101 (12 UH-1Y Venom, 6 AH-1Z Viper)

Wolfpacks Rodney and Seeburg are ordered to assume their pre-assigned patrol sectors in the Sea of Storms and Captive Sea respectively.
  • Wolfpack Rodney
    • IRS U-079 (Poltroon Class Submarine)
      IRS U-080 (Poltroon Class Submarine)
      IRS U-081 (Poltroon Class Submarine)
      IRS U-082 (Poltroon Class Submarine)
      IRS U-083 (Poltroon Class Submarine)
    Wolfpack Seeburg
    • IRS U-084 (Poltroon Class Submarine)
      IRS U-085 (Poltroon Class Submarine)
      IRS U-086 (Poltroon Class Submarine)
      IRS U-087 (Poltroon Class Submarine)
      IRS U-088 (Poltroon Class Submarine)
ZNS Ran is ordered to dock at MoMA Station Akis and prepare to take on classified materials and personnel, to be deployed to the Talenore area.

Mokhtar Ibrahimzadeh
Secretary of Operations

Lord Caleb Sarrick
Commissioner of Defence

Count Palatine of Kezan
Minister of State

Steward and Minister of State
Count Palatine of Kezan

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