[Southeastern Eura] In Place and Supporting

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[Southeastern Eura] In Place and Supporting

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The Naval Phalanx, with Neoptolemus aboard the Troikos, had secured its position in the Bay of Vipia (~60E, 40S, outside Alexandrian territorial water).

"Holiness, the city of Portus Felix has effectively fallen. Constancian forces are falling back to a position north of Felix."

"Scramble a squadron of 12 N-1 fighters and 2 HB-3 bombers. They're few in number, but the same models used by the Natopian military. The fighters will delay and deter and engage Jingdaoes aircraft. The bombers are to target any and all Jingdaoese ground forces that advance upon the northern Constancian bulwark, minimize damage to the infrastructure of Portus Felix, and avoid friendly causalities. Order the Timoreomai to launch 9 assault craft, each with complement of 25 elite Armored Goat Knights. The 225 elite troops will join the Constancian Guard."
His Holiness, Neoptolemus
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