[Letter] In times uncertain, friends show up

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Basileusa Cleo
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[Letter] In times uncertain, friends show up

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Your Holiness,

The Kingdom of Costancia has always supported the Bovic church. Together, we made it possible for the first time in our history for a foreign religion to establish a church in our land - the Cathedral of the Bosarch of Vey which you were so gracious to name after my deceased husband the Basileus. Since then, the Bovic church has enjoyed the inequivalent and unconditional support of our family and those over whom we rule.

Today, as you are well aware, the future of many people in Constancia, including many Bovics, is questioned by an evil and cruel Empire which tries to enslave them. I humbly ask for your help, for the help of Baus to defend his subjects in Constancia and allow us to protect the flourishing population of the Free Associative Kingdom. Rest assured that we, the ancient, noble and proud people of a decent kingdom never forget those who help us during dangerous, yet temporary times.

Respectfully yours,
Basileusa of Constancia
Basileusa Megaliótate Cleo
Autokrateira of Constancia


Déspoina of the Basileusian town of Petros

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Re: [Letter] In times uncertain, friends show up

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Your Majesty,

The Bovic Church and the Pentheral State of Athlon has a special affinity for Your kingdom, sharing a similar Grecian-Byzantine culture. I send this communique to you while positioned half-way between Athlon and mainland Eura. I have watched with great concern as the Jingdaoese Navy sailed up right past the Longships Islands and up the Sandy River. I fear for the safety of your person and the integrity and continuation of your kingdom. We have but a small naval force, but we pray to Bous to help minimize damage to Constancian life and property.

The Naval Phalanx of the Most Holy Order of the Armored Goats, will be instructed to provide humanitarian aid to the kingdom of Constancia. We will take a position several kilometers southwest of New Berlin, along the southern coastline of that deep bay, to be within aerial range of Vey and most of Constancia. Our small fighter squadron and smaller bomber squadron will be able to deter and delay the Jingdaoese ground forces should they advance into Constancia's sovereign territory. Our assault craft is able to deposit teams of elite Armored Goat Knights into critical areas under attack and can extract VIPs.

It will not be enough, Your Majesty, but it may save lives.

May Bous bless you and Constancia,

His Holiness, Neoptolemus
Pentheros of the Dozan Bovic Church

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