[The Lesser Hazel Woods] It Has Regrown

The Kingdom of Ziegeland, the ancient, Inner Lands of Yellow Island.

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[The Lesser Hazel Woods] It Has Regrown

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Clara Waffel-Paine had been working very, very very closely with Cledwyn Starshade over the past few years, and their combined knowledge of hazkisi magick, his excellent seeds, and Clara acting as a spiritual conduit to transfer the Trees' Spirits from the moon back down to Micras, their seemingly impossible task was complete. The Great Hazel Woods had been restored, not as large as before, but all the right parts where there. She was excited to tell her brother Nathan, who would be able to use his Hazel ancestry to siphon magick from this new forest and strengthen his political and physical powers.
Clara Waffel-Paine

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Re: [The Lesser Hazel Woods] It Has Regrown

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Nathan was buried up to his neck in the perpetually warm soil of the Hazel Woods. He had been asleep for almost a year and half. His skin had become rough, like armor made of bark, and tiny little root tendrils covered him like goosebumps. Twice weekly, Cledwyn Starshade poured a sugary water mixture in his mouth to sustain him. He was now strong like an oak, resistant to daggers and other single hand bladed weapons, and with the soil of the Hazel woods inside him, able to be in constant communication with his ancestors, Asara, Naian, and Guinevere, who had been whispering directly into his mind exactly what he had to do to save Natopia.
His Most Bovic Majesty, Nathan II,
Emperor of the Natopians

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