[Dracoheim] The Draconian Returns

The Kingdom of Ziegeland, the ancient, Inner Lands of Yellow Island.

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[Dracoheim] The Draconian Returns

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Naian had been entertaining Kizzy in Lindstrom over the weekend. After many galas and meetings and tours, they were also scheduled to go on a retreat to the partially-restored ancient city of Dracoheim. The retreat ended with Naian giving a televised speech on the symbolism of Dracoheim and its importance toward Shiro-Natopian relations:

"The ruined city of Dracoheim has been undergoing significant rebuilding and investigation since the project first began many years ago under my father, acting as king of Ziegeland, initiated the excavations. A special team from Empire Library oversees this massive, decades-long project. After digging through several strata, getting to the most ancient times of the city, archaeologists continue to find very sophisticated pottery and other technology inconsistent with the levels of the surrounding contemporary tribes such as the Andi and yes, the Mehl. The mainstream historical narrative of Mehl superiority has begun to crumble with each new discovery. Now, thanks to Shirerithian imperial genealogists, a plausible link has been theorized between Flaventian Dracoheim and So-Saran Dracoheim. Many historians now explain the high level of Flaventian Dracoheim as being derived from the much more ancient So-Sarans. The deep and ancient connection between Natopia and Shireroth is now celebrated in the kaisership of Her Niftiness, Kizzy.

The tyranny of the Mehl in our culture and historical narrative must end. The injustices they have committed against their neighbors, the Draconians, must be recognized. It is a stain on Natopia's history that the Draconians feel forced to flee that they scatter themselves. Sometimes they flourish in their new homes, as Kizzy did when she moved to Goldshire. Kizzy and I have maintained private correspondence since her elevation to the Golden Mango Throne and I believe that a lasting and eternal gesture from Natopia to Shireroth will help future generations understand the connection our nations share. Therefore, as a gift from me to the people of Shireroth, I do hereby create the ceremonial County of Dracoheim within the Duchy of Haven and name Kaiseress Kizzy as the first Countess of Dracoheim. To ensure the warm relationship between Shireroth and Natopia is remembered by posterity, the County of Dracoheim will therefore be tied to the office of Kaiser.

There was a time when it was considered 'tradition' to leave Dracoheim ruined. To leave it as a reminder of Mehl supremacy and a monument to Nett Opaegh's invasion of Yellow Island. We can no longer afford to view our history with such narrow vision. The Natopian Nation is only successful when it acknowledges and embraces its own diversity. By granting this eternal gift to the Kaiseress and her successors, it it my sincere wish that the friendship between Shireroth and Natopia will endure as a reminder to us to honor our unique tapestry of cultures and people."

Naian stepped aside from the podium and presented Kizzy with the formal document of her new countship:
A Decree of the King of Ziegeland
A Pharamāna of the Raja of Tas Neemia
together constituting a



To Elevate Dracoheim

In times long ago, while my father was flesh and blood, parts of Yellow Island were given to various dignitaries as tokens of appreciation and esteem.

Today I would like to continue this tradition.

The County of Dracoheim, within the Duchy of Haven as shown on the map attached, and title Count of Dracoheim, is invested in The Golden Mango Throne of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. The title and county will always be held by the current Kaiser or Kaiseress of Shireroth, yet always remaining a part of the Natopian Nation.

The Count holds this land by command of the Faro in his right as King of Ziegeland. The Count shall not owe the Faro, nor any dukes or nawabs, fealty. The count may make customary laws for his county in accordance with Flaventian and Natopian laws.

Let my mandate be heard and obeyed by all dukes, nawabs, and subjects in the Inner and Outer Lands of Flaventia:

His Dynastic Highness,
Faro of Flaventia
Ruler of the Inner and Outer Lands, King of Ziegeland, Raja of Tas Neemia;
Avatar of the House of Waffel-Paine, Scion of the Three Peoples, Vessel of Dual Natures, Progeny of the Once-Living God;
Lord of Yellow Island, Duke of Lochhatonia, Marquis of Lükanburg, Lord of Maschinekauer, Arch-Druid of the Hazel;
Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor, and Knight of the Holy Lakes

Schedule A
Kizzy bowed her head to Naian and accepted the parchment. "Thank you dear Cousin, you have demonstrated that the Natopian Nation is now a welcome and warm home for Draconians. I hope the Draconians who still live in Natopia take pride in their ancestry, hold their heads high, and know that they are an ancient race who survive against all odds. We are a great people, we have lead revolutions, we have ruled empires. We no longer have to prove our right to sit at the table of "civilized peoples." As I leave this beautifully restored section of this ancient city and return to my new homeland, I do so invigorated. My eternal thanks to you, Naian, for this gift and this opportunity to make peace with the land of my birth. My eternal gratitude to you."

Kizzy curtsied to Naian, who returned the honor with a deep bow before the two grasped hands and posed for pictures.


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