[Ratification] Treaty with Batavia

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[Ratification] Treaty with Batavia

Postby Clara » Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:53 pm

The Emperor has personally approved of this treaty with the Kingdom of Batavia, and as Chancellor I bear responsibility to present it to the Frenzy for consideration and, I recommend, to ratify.


To ratify a treaty with Batavia

1. The treaty with Batavia, affixed to this Resolution (Schedule 1), is ratified.
2. The Emperor is directed to sign this treaty and enforce it as mandated by the Caprine Code.






His Most Bovic Majesty, Nathan the Second, by the Loving Grace of the Butter Cow Emperor of the Natopians, Faro of Flaventia, King of Ziegeland; Prince of Sororiya; Duke of Lochhatonia, of New Dracoheim, and of Modan and Malarboria; Marquis of Lükanburg, Count-Elector of Mertfray, Count of Elivia, and of Ynnraile; Lord of Tarsica, of Yellow Island, of Alrodey, Andelarion an der Neurändern, and in Jorvik; Grand Mayor of Lindstrom City; Sovereign of the Ancient and Secret Order of the Black Hole, of the Most Noble Order of the Yoshi, of the Honorable Order of the Palette, Triumphal Defender of All Four Quarters, Sovereign of the Natopian Order of Imperial Civil Excellence, and of the Order of St Asara Sisu; Grand Commander of the Natopian Defense Force; Avatar of the Imperial and Royal House of Waffel-Paine, Heir to the Imperial Bloodline of Drak, and Head of House Kilynn; Conqueror of Dracoheim, Uniter of the Demesnes, Protector of the Eternal Nation, Guardian of the Icons of the State, Wielder of the Sword of Sovereignty, and Scourge of Lavalon; Scion of the Three Peoples, Vessel of Dual Natures, Progeny of the Once-Living God, and Transcendence of the Dhury

His Majesty Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy, King of Batavia, Archduke of ‘s Koningenwaarde, Prince of Vinandy, Duke of Gascony, Duke of Levensburg, Count of Bourbon, Count of Dasburgh, Count of Girond, Baron of Ammerswoude and on the Loet, Baron of Bergkirche, Baron van Heydelberg, Lord of Audinghen, Lord of Paravel

desire for a diplomatic relationship and good understanding between them, underpinning further friendship between their respective countries, have agreed to the following articles of agreement:

Article I
There shall be a firm and perpetual state of peace, friendship and good-neighbourly relations between His Most Bovic Majesty, Emperor of the Natopians and His Majesty, the King of Batavia, between Their Majesties' Heirs and Successors, and between the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation and the Kingdom of Batavia, in this treaty the High Contracting Parties, and between their Citizens, without discrimination.

Article II
Each High Contracting Party shall respect the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the other party. The High Contracting Parties shall continue to develop and consolidate the relations of sincere friendship, good neighbourliness and comprehensive cooperation existing between them on the basis of the aforesaid principles as well as those of equality and mutual benefit.

Territorial integrity includes the territory of a High Contracting Party to the extent acknowledged and published by the Micronational Cartography Society. The territory extends 24 kilometres from the baseline coast of the High Contracting Party. Including the Koningenbaai, east of the Ter Lande - Krieksburgh line, and in localities where the coastline is deeply indented and cut into, or if there is a fringe of islands along the coast in its immediate vicinity, the method of straight baselines joining appropriate points may be employed in drawing the baseline from which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured.

The reserve zone of a High Contracting Party extends 360 kilometres from the baseline coast. The economic and environmental resources within this zone belong fully to that High Contracting Party. In special situations where the territorial waters or the reserve zone of the High Contracting Parties would overlap, the line of separation will be drawn along the midpoint between the baseline of each High Contracting Party.

Article III
The High Contracting Parties will maintain regular contacts with each other on major international problems affecting the interests of both of their countries and governments by means of meetings, and exchanges of views between their leading statesmen, visits by official delegations and special envoys of the governments, and through diplomatic channels.

The High Contracting Party will make an embassy available in their capital for each other.

For the embassy, associated grounds, associated vehicles, leading statesmen, visits by official delegations, special envoys of the governments and ambassadors, diplomatic immunity applies.

Each High Contracting party recognizes and respects the procedures of acceptance by the ambassador, by handing over a letter of credence, which is addressed from one head of state to the other asking to give credence.

Article IV
Attaching great importance to economic, scientific and technological cooperation between them, the High Contracting Parties will continue to consolidate and expand mutually advantageous and comprehensive cooperation in these fields as well as expand trade, transport and communications between them on the basis of the principles of equality, mutual benefit and most-favoured nation treatment, subject to executive agreements between the governments of the High Contracting Parties.

Article V
The High Contracting Parties shall promote further development of ties and contacts between them in the fields of science, art, literature, and education.

Article VI
In accordance with the traditional friendship established between the two countries, each of the High Contracting Parties solemnly declares that it shall not enter into or participate in any military alliance directed against the other Party.

Each High Contracting Party undertakes to abstain from any aggression against the other Party and to prevent the use of its territory for the commission of any act which might inflict military damage on the other High Contracting Party.

Article VII
Each High Contracting Party solemnly declares that it shall not enter into any obligation, secret or public, with one or more States, which is incompatible with this Treaty. Each High Contracting Party further declares that no obligation be entered into, between itself and any other State or States, which might cause military damage to the other Party.

Article VIII
Each High Contracting Party gives to the other full faith and credit to all public acts, records, contracts and judicial proceedings in the field of civil law, including records and documents on marriage, property, titles, death and inheritance, in as much as any act, record, document, contract, proceeding is done according to the law.

Article IX
Each High Contracting Party commits that any overflight of its airspace by aircraft registered upon the territory of the Other High Contracting Party, whose source and destination are outside the jurisdiction of the Overflown High Contracting Party and which make no intermediate landing upon the territory of the Overflown High Contracting Party, shall be considered to fall outside the remit of customs or immigration regulations and wholly outside the jurisdiction of any Third Parties, without prejudice to the exclusive right of the Overflown High Contracting Party to approve or deny such overflight as it sees fit.

The High Contracting Party can set up a Prohibited airspace, an overflight is strictly prohibited. The High-Confederate Party informs about Prohibited airspace and appropriate punitive measures follow an overflight of an aircraft registered with the other High Contracting Party.

Article X
Any difference of interpretation of any Article or Articles of this Treaty which may arise between the High Contracting Parties will be settled bilaterally by peaceful means in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding.

Article XI
This Treaty enters into force upon its signature and ratification by Both High Contracting Parties in accordance with their respective domestic procedures.
Her Imperial Highness, Clara Waffel-Paine
Chancellor of the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation
Princess of Natopia, Duchess of Hazelwood, Frenzy Representative from Flaventia

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