Accession to the Raspur Pact by the Imperial Federation

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Accession to the Raspur Pact by the Imperial Federation

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A well-dressed courier has arrived in the Court of the Calm Waters dressed in a Ralgonese navy officer's uniform. Upon closer inspection, however, it bears difference insignia on it: that of one of their colonial governments, Adrestia. Another device on his chest looks like one of the many national humanist emblems on Benacia, although this badge bears religious markings native to his homeland. Doubts as to this man's identity and legitimacy are both answered and called into further question when he speaks his announcement, when it comes his turn to speak before the Court.

The Ralgonese officer, who seems to be partially of elfinshi descent, takes an envelope from a box that also contains an overly decorated, sealed scroll. Without hesitation or pause, the man read the letter's contents. "The Imperial Regent, Grand Duke Nikamura Hawkins of Gondolin, has instructed the contents of this package to be sent to the Court of Calm Waters on behalf of His Excellent Majesty, the King of Adrestia, King of Drag'os, and Emperor of the Great Feanorian Sea, Masamune the Fourth and First of His Name. Therein lies a scroll detailing our intentions and aspirations towards your august Court and noble Allies. Good fortune to all who hear our Emperor's words."

Upon being given the signal, the man carefully lifts the scroll out with religious reverence, breaks the seal, and reads from the scroll.
On behalf of the Imperial Court and government of the The Imperial Federation of Adrestia and Drag'os, we are pleased to announce our full control over the lands of the Holy Ralgon Empire, to include possession of all of its capital cities, and of territories long lost that were held by our Emperor's most glorious and honored predecessor, Emperor Nobunag'an the Fourth of His Name, who enjoys his hard-won retirement in our capital of Gondolin. As such, I, Masamune, claim legitimacy to my nations' Imperial Crown by right of both inheritance and conquest.

It is on the foundation of this legitimacy that, on behalf of all my peoples in the Great Western Sea that I, Emperor Masamune, have ratified and signed the contents of the Raspur Pact foundational treaty of the Shirerithian-Alexandrian-Natopian Entente. I have caused the Government to obey the strictures of the Treaty. As a show of our good faith, we summarily dismissed USSO-aligned personnel and gave them every courtesy during their safe exit from our territory until the war is settled. Our courier bears a signed copy of the Pact, by thy own hand.
Here is Affixed the Signature of:

His Most Virtuous Excellency,
Shiro I, Emperor of Ralgon

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