A Speech from Comrade First Secretary

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A Speech from Comrade First Secretary

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Comrade First Secretary Vladim Timoshenko stood on a high and encircled podium before members of the Supreme Council, The Presidium, sundry lesser local dumas, Zurvanite clerics of all sects and high-ranking members of the All-Union Revolutionary Front. Following the national anthem and a standing ovation as the flag of the nation was hoisted behind the First Secretary, a moment of silence was observed for those lost in the September Revolution and... from more recent events.
Brothers under the light of Our Radiant Sun, Zurvan! Comrades! Heroes and Heroines of the Revolution! I stand here today to deliver saddening news. Unfortunately, many aspects of the events that have unfolded in the east remain at the highest levels of classification, this must mark the day of a sombre anniversary of those fallen to a plight which threatens our most endearing national principle - Harmony. Though we may have differences among our sects, we all know that the everlasting and burning light of Our Radiant Sun unites us all.

It is in the east that our brothers under Our Radiant Sun - Mighty Zurvan; Creator of All in Existance - have fallen to blasphemous and invasive marauders who seek to pollute the beautiful Eura with their heathenish ways. The Black Flame may seek to outshine Our Radiant Sun, but I scoff! As shall we all! What is a flame, even the flame of our sacred revolutionary emblem, compared to the Sun? In their vile texts they claim all outside of their sinister cult must be pitied and guided to their own devilish ends - indoctrination against the rightful heirs of Babkha and Mother Eura! It is blasphemy of a sort that I can barely keep myself together even discussing with you now.

Thus, today = the 17th of Aban - shall forever remembered as Fallen Brother's Day. A day of which we remember those who fell in the name of protecting the faith, the ways of the Harmonious Society and Our Radiant Sun. Every year it shall be observed by a national moment of silence, the lowering of all flags to half staff and an additional half-hour of prayer - should your time of prayer fall during working hours.

Zurvan Zindabad! Jura Pobeda!

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