A polite Imperial communication


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A polite Imperial communication

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The chargé d'affaires of the Imperial Constancian Embassy presented the following communication:

Imperial Constancian Embassy

The Imperial Constancian Embassy presents its compliments to the Ministry of the Exterior and has the honor to invite their attention to the following missives from the Autokrator of Constancia.

The Imperial Constancian Embassy avails itself of the opportunity of assuring the Ministry of its highest consideration.

Πετερ Τηε Τηιρδ 
Basileus, Supreme Lord of Vey, Portus Felix, Ad Pontes, Elaion, Craiss and Metaxia, Cario, Idolgi, Ithonion, Oranjesion, Nivardom, and Aqaba, Defender and Protector of the Patriarchal Orthodox Faith
who, by this Imperial Letter of Credence, gives unto 





Desirous of maintaining and developing the good relations that prevail between the Imperial State of Constancia and the Elwynnese Republic, We are pleased to accredit to the government of the Elwynnese Republic our beloved servant Hamid Rasime, with the qualification of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.

The qualities, talents and merits of Hamid Rasime assures Us of his readiness to head Our Imperial Embassy in Eliria and obtain your confidence for his appointment.

It is in this conviction that We pray of you to show him a benevolent welcome and give full faith and credence to all communications that he will make on Our behalf and in the name of the Imperial State.

Accept, Sir, the assurances of Our highest esteem, and Our best wishes for your happiness and for the prosperity of your nation and people.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF We have caused the Imperial Seal to be affixed to these Presents. Given at at the Megálo Paláti in Astérapolis thiseighteenth day of the fourteenth month in the year one thousand six hundred and eighty-five.

By His Imperial Majesty's Command

Molivadia Princeps


The Imperial State of Constancia

Unto the Commission of Foreign Affairs does the Autokrator of Constancia, in the name of His Majesty the Basileus, Petros III, send high greetings.

In accordance with our treaty, specifically Articles II to VI thereof, we have the honor to report the appointment of the following individuals to the following positions:

Hamid Rasime, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Eskandar Vasso, Deputy Chief of Mission
Andreas Kyriakos, Military Attache
Nefeli Zahir, Deputy Military Attache
Daniil Khorshid, Deputy Military Attache resident at Elijah's Rest, Autonomous Republic of Normark
Aria Marietta, Naval Attache
Nasrin Tahira, Deputy Naval Attache resident at Elijah's Rest, Autonomous Republic of Normark
Yianni Pavlina, Air Attache
Nikos Fotini, Deputy Air Attache resident at Elijah's Rest, Autonomous Republic of Normark
Sohail Galini, Commercial Attache
Alexandros Polyxeni, Deputy Commercial Attache
Niuisha Gulrukh, Deputy Commercial Attache resident at Elijah's Rest, Autonomous Republic of Normark
Argyris Shahriyar, Cultural Attache
Nadeem Naseem, Deputy Cultural Attache
Sadia Behruz, Labor Attache
Mihalis Savvas, Deputy Labor Attache resident at Elijah's Rest, Autonomous Republic of Normark
Sohaila Abbas, Press Attache

Ekaterina Takis, Consul-General at Elijah's Rest, Autonomous Republic of Normark
Iskander Rustam al-Osman Taraghay, Consul-General at Ardashirshahr, Alalehzamini Autonomous Republic

I have the privilege to convey my assurances of the highest consideration.

Molivadia Princeps

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