Imperial Peerage (Greater Kildare)

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Imperial Peerage (Greater Kildare)

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Honourable Kaiser,
Honourable Nobles,

A commission of esteemed Jingdaoese, Kildarian, Badaweian and Apollontean gentlemen and ladies have reached an arrangement concerning the appointment of new nobles within the Shirerithian peerage.

We humbly ask to recognise following titles:
Dutchy of Kildare
Dalmacijan Province
- Thane of Dalmacija (informal and symbolic title, perhaps officially Marquess of Port Nevermore?)
- Count of Jilin
- Count Jingbuzu
- Count of Breizagrad
- Viscount of Hongsejiamen
- Count of Lukedugrad
- Count of Haogang
- Viscountount of Miaoshan
- Count of Nigrad
- Viscount of Carol's Island

Qaoshan Province
- Marquess of Port Halluci
- Baron of Qinxi
- Viscount of Yunnan
- Baron of Tanlin

Zhaoqin Province
- Marquess of Gaelen's Landing
- Viscount of Hailing
- Viscount of Heilong
- Baron of Yilhui
- Baron of Anhui

Xianbei Province
- Baron of Shanxi
- Count of Yuning
- Viscount of Weicheng
- Count of Ningxia
- Viscount of Nanming

Heliu Province
- Marquess of Blackrock
- Count of Maoyan
- Baron of Lidong
- Baron of Shichang

Zhongji Province
- Baron of Chaku
- Baron of Nangang

Gong Province
- Count of Gong Li
- Count of Haigong
- Baron of Erlgau (the Erlkönig)

Duchy of Jinkeai
- Marquess of Jinkeai
- Baron of Sisera's Wharf
- Viscount of Samarne

Duchy of the Raynor's Isles
- Count of the Isles
- Viscount of Velikes Highlands

Duchy of Outer Antya
- Seishinso (religious title)
- Marquess of Apollo City
- Count of Kaimingcheng
- Viscount of Nanxing

Duchy of Jingdao
- Marquess of the Eight Gates (also known as Commander of the Eight Gates)

With Your permission, we will also provide a list of names from noblemen who should be appointed in those titles.
Zhang San
Diwang of the Jingdaoese Empire

Joseph Bartholomeus des Vinandy-Windsor
Prince-Regent of Batavia

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