A petition to the Kaiseress In Right of the Duchy of of the Guttuli

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A petition to the Kaiseress In Right of the Duchy of of the Guttuli

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Fort Nider

Most Gracious Imperial Magnificence,

May the Gods preserve Your Reign for a Thousand Eras!

Having been apprised of the evident wisdom of Your Imperial Magnificence's Decree bearing date at Lachlan, 22.II.1687, and taking heed of Article 5 thereof, the undersigned humbly begs leave and anticipates the kind indulgence that Your Imperial Magnificence would deign to permit our participation therein.

I have the (admittedly, rather dubious) honor of being my mother's daughter. As my mother the former Imperial Steward was Khanum of Erianamor under the peerage of the Kingdom of Goldshire, until its suppression by Imperial Decree; as my mother's daughter I must admit great emotional ties, greater than that of my brothers and other siblings, to that place.

While no longer Khanum, or Countess of Erianamor, I have keenly followed developments in that area, and now that Your Imperial Magnificence has seen fit to ensure the absolute pacification of Your Imperial Magnificence's Duchy, I likewise find myself to have married well, and by the blessings of the heavens, now a woman of some means. It is in this regard that I beg leave to assist in whatever way I can, towards the enrichment and development of Your Imperial Magnificence's Duchy, and Erianamor in particular.

I set my forehead to the ground as I pay just and rightful obeisance.

I remain Your Most Imperial Magnificence's Obedient Servant,


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