Jezeraah boycott against the OSEC

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Jezeraah boycott against the OSEC

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Lingyu dixiong,

The honorable Bassarid representative has brought to the attention of the presidium, the fact that Jezeraah has announced that it will boycott all goods from all OSEC nations. I am sure, none of our member states will be affected strongly by this boycott. However, given how poor Jezeraah is, and how little we have to lose in our relations to this state, I see opportunities. Perhaps we can work together to bring safir foodstuffs into this nation, to persuade its citizens of its sublime taste and health benefits (especially when combined with cabbages), so that instead of boycotting us, it will become an importer and perhaps in the future a fellow producer as well?
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Re: Jezeraah boycott against the OSEC

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*Several industrialists seem excited at the thought of opening another market. The bureaucrats on the other hand are carefully looking for Bill-XWA89 to handle the paperwork of such large endeavour.*
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