Arrival of Trade Fleet, New Consul Delivers Credentials

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Arrival of Trade Fleet, New Consul Delivers Credentials

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Talenore (12.IX.1670) - A Constancian trade fleet from Nivardom, escorted by Task Force 1670-1, today laid anchor in the Suleiman Roads. The convoy consists of 14 merchant ships, including vessels registered to Kerularios & Company and the Androphagi Company, carrying varied cargoes for export including naphtha, scrap-metal, potash, industrial sand, and salt.

The escorting flotilla, a task force comprised of eight Logistic Support Vessels, four Klimatariá-class corvettes, and twenty Melusine-class missile boats, represents the largest deployment of the Constancian Navy over the longest distance undertaken since the Euran War and is a testimony to the growing professionalism and capability of the Euran maritime nation. On board with the task force were distinguished members of the ESB-Jagdverbände, newly returned from a hostage rescue operation in the Former Caputia which has won them acclaim at home and secured the freedom of shipping magnate Maximinus Kerularios.

Indeed the success of the Jagdverbände has been recognised through the appointment of the unit's founder, Dr Joachim Grobba, as the new Constancian Consul and representative of the Permanent Standing Committee. The Consul-designate is expected to present his credentials to the Governor General at the earliest opportunity.

In the meantime coast watchers observing the Constancian flotilla have been treated to a eclectic fly-by display of Banshees, Nereids, and Whirdlebirds, laid on by the hosts and visiting forces.

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Re: Arrival of Trade Fleet, New Consul Delivers Credentials

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Governor General Mahmood Sadri Maleki received Dr. Joachim Grobba at the Abykhan, the former residence of the President of independent Talenore. There the Governor General accepted the credentials of the new Constancian consul on behalf of the Kaiser. The merchant ships were harbored in the East Bay commercial harbor to the southeast of Metro Talenore. The task force on the other hand landed in Talenore Naval Base, the Talenore section of the naval part of MoMA Station Talenore.
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