Imperial Decree #1069: Amending the Order of Succession

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Imperial Decree #1069: Amending the Order of Succession

Post by Shiro » Mon Jun 03, 2019 1:53 pm

During the 1st Year of Emperor Shiro I
1445th Year of the Prophet (1673 AN)
To our Holy Ralgon Empire, to the Great Island of Dragos, and to the World at large:

We, Emperor Shiro the First, are pleased that our recent Contest in the Tournament of Champions served its role while taking no lives. We are also pleased to publicly give praise to the strength and honor that our three rival contestants upheld for themselves, after they successfully passed through the crucible that is the first two rounds of the Imperial Conclave's election to the Tournament. The merit and bravery that our three rivals in this recent election have shown know no equal, and therefore it is repugnant to us, the Emperor, to destroy the positions they have spent their lifetimes building. Therefore, it pleases us to immediately reinstate to the Order of Succession the following persons:

Crown Prince Draeg'ar Ral, who honorably conceded the final round of fighting after long and fierce combat. He has survived his injuries and remains in good spirits. It pleases us to reward his immense effort by restoring his Princely rights and titles.
Crown Prince Masamune Ral, who, despite his best efforts to resolve our election peacefully, nonetheless stood his ground when his honor was tested. Although he lost, we still take joy in restoring his Princely rights and titles.
Crown Prince Julius Ral, who also attempted to settle the matter peaceably before the combat rounds. He lost in the first Round of fighting, sustaining injuries that affirmed his honor and merit the restoration of his Princely rights and titles.

This is the maximum that tradition allows us, the Emperor, to restore in the wake of the recent Contest. Out of eleven Crown Princes, seven either did not stand for election or failed to make it past the two mandated rounds of voting, and thus failed to prove to the rest of the eligible Crown Princes that they were worthy of fighting to uphold their strength and honor before gods and men. Therefore, it is our great regret to adhere to the ancient tradition and decree that these seven shall immediately be removed from the Order of Succession and stripped of their Princely titles, and be forever barred from nomination to restore their title(s) as Crown Prince. However, they shall retain all other rights afforded by any existing secondary fiefdoms and titles. If none are left, they shall enjoy the support of the Imperial Court until a new fief meriting their accomplishment be granted to them when lands become available.

We furthermore decree that the Order of Succession shall, effective immediately, change as it has in the beginning of every Emperor's Reign since our nation's founding. Every Province of the Holy Ralgon Empire shall name two eligible persons as Crown Prince/Princess to the Order of Succession, provided their nominee is eligible for Election according to the ancient laws and traditions. The Imperial Senate shall cause its Senators to name one eligible candidate for every represented Province. The Royal Household of Stormhold shall name the rest if there remain one or more vacancies out of eleven total spots. We, the Emperor, shall retain the sole authority to give final approval or denial to a nominee, and to remove (or subsequently restore) their status as Crown Prince/Princess at our pleasure. No Crown Prince/Princess may retain their title past the age of Sixty, nor before the age of Twenty-Five, nor shall they serve as a Senator or as ruler of any Province unless they forfeit their present title.

So say we all!
May the Emperor live a long and prosperous life, and may our Holy Ralgon Empire live forever.

Written, inscribed, and sent by the Emperor's own hand to his Court, in the Year of the Prophet 1445.
Here is Affixed the Signature of:

His Most Virtuous Excellency,
Shiro I, Emperor of Ralgon

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