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    The primary institution for all foreign affairs in the Ralgon Empire.

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    foreign relations with Phokland

    Postby empersonIRL » Sun Apr 21, 2019 5:27 am

    Dear whomever it may concern, my name is Charles Ross. I am the current Foreign Minister of the Tsardom of Phokland. We are a micras/antarctic based online community referred to more commonly as a "micronation". We have existed since 2007 and are primarily focused on diplomatic simulation and self expression. We have a fully functioning government and attempt to maintain close diplomatic relations with several states around the micronational world.

    I am reaching out to you today in the hopes that formal diplomatic relations may be established between you and Phokland. My nation has a strong wish to be able to possibly enter into a trade/military defense relationship that we believe would be beneficial for both for our nations.

    Naturally, there is much more to our nation then I have described and any further information that you may wish to look at can be found...


    and Here:

    I hope to here back from you soon.

    Thank you,

    HIM Charles A. Ross
    Phoklandian Office of Foreign Relations
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    Re: foreign relations with Phokland

    Postby Shiro » Tue May 14, 2019 9:24 am

    empersonIRL wrote:~~~

    HIM Charles A. Ross
    Phoklandian Office of Foreign Relations

    To the Honorable Minister Charles Ross:

    The Illustrious and Virtuous Nobunag'an Ral IV, King of the Ralgons and Emperor of Dragos, sends his salutations, greetings, and wishes for cordiality through the hand of his son and loyal servant, Crown Prince Shiro Ral III.

    The Royal and Imperial Court has received your nation's greetings of friendship and wish to pay it forward by welcoming the people of Phokland to visit and conduct trade with our Peoples through our Open Doors program, which operates out of the port cities of Drag'nor, Stormhold City, and Glacier City. The City of Mashiro and the City of Nixtorm may also open eventually to direct trade with Phokland through the same program, pending further talks. Until such point in time, normal trade and immigration rules will be in order, and direct imports into Ralgon territory must be through one of the aforementioned cities.

    At this time, His Illustrious and Virtuous Majesty has deemed it unwise for the sake of the Ralgon peoples and for the sake of the nations of Dragos to engage in committed military alliances with those nations whose own commitments by treaty may complicate our relationship as an armed neutral power within this region. However, as demonstrated by the Iron Company (being originally a Shireithian organization) recently establishing their presence in Glacier City to conduct trade in industrial materials, we can easily arrive at a similar nondiscriminatory relationship with Phokland.

    May fortune meet you often on your path, and may our correspondence continue in a fruitful and productive manner.

    Delivered this 14th Phase of the 78th Standard Year of King Nobunag'an's Reign.


    Post-Script: All letters addressed to the King may instead be addressed to the Royal and Imperial Court, as the King never receives correspondence directly unless from personal friends. This usually makes diplomatic processes easier. ~ Prince Shiro
    Here is Affixed the Signature of:

    His Most Virtuous Excellency,
    Shiro I, Emperor of Ralgon
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