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    A Letter on Palace Etiquette

    Postby Shiro » Sun Mar 10, 2019 12:29 pm

    In the year 1450 AN, one of the then-Crown Princes, Esg'ar XXIV, dared to physically nail a handwritten letter to the outer door of the Imperial Palace's Throne Room -- an offense he was both privately praised for by King Dalgar'an, and which also caused his later public death in a botched Trial by Combat. The King, mourning one of his favored Princes and recognizing the life given to reach his eyes, commanded that no creature, even the King, dare to lay hand on this latter. Although most of the letter was lost to a fire that claimed parts of the Palace in 1510 AN, by this time it had already passed into legend as one of the few surviving prophecies from the ages past that have been directly handed to the Ralgons by their gods.

    To this day, the time-weathered letter hangs from the Palace door, the only one of its kind to remain there, as a grim warning to the Peoples of Ralgon of matters which nearly claimed them all, and corrective actions to which spawned disasters of their own. The remains of this letter were re-created by order of King Nobunag'an IV in the year 1650 AN and placed in the public archive for all to see in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of its posting. Additionally, the many of the tenets presented within the remains of this letter have become a part of Imperial Court policy, even being followed by the current (and newly enthroned) Emperor, Shiro I.

    Friends, Ralgons, and Countrymen:

    A number of grave matters have reached the attention of This August Imperial Court, and gone so far to Heaven as to call the very Gods themselves to hold the Crown Princes and Princesses of this noble and ancient Empire to account. These issues of untold import have gone unanswered and unpunished over these last one hundred Years, and the fact that we are spared righteous divine judgment is in itself a miracle. The chief issue arising from these matters involve the present threat posed by the Great Swamp on our inland borders, which our very recent and peaceful unification with the Republic of Drag'nor and the Hexarchy of Nixtorm.

    We must take action against the rising threat of the Dragons and the Mosasaurs that dwell in the deep reaches of this twice-cursed place. The Gods have recently blessed our great nation with the power of the atom, and we must deploy this power at once, in an effort to share it with the cursed reptiles that dare to destroy our fields and slaughter our people. They understand naught but force, and it is with words alone that the King's own Senate has tried and failed to use in this disastrous affair. The time for action has come!

    A lack of etiquette and respect for our Religion and our King has also crept to these very halls. This must stop. Our King is not only a paragon of virtue, but should by all rights be accorded the same respect the head of the Holy Draconic Church would, even if they were two separate people. This palace is sacred, and these halls cannot be continue to be tainted with commoners' tricks! Handling our nation's trash is ours and Drag'nor's job, and base matters such as these end at the King's door, with this letter. Our King must never attaint his most excellent self with such filth, which is why I seek to spur all into action to stop it.

    [[The rest of this letter has been lost to time, except for the post-script.]]

    May the King live a long and prosperous life, and may our Holy Ralgon Empire live forever.

    Sent From His Excellency, Crown Prince Esg'ar XXIV, in the Year of the Prophet 1222.
    Here is Affixed the Signature of:

    His Most Virtuous Excellency,
    Shiro I, Emperor of Ralgon
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