Decision to join the Elwynnese Union

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Decision to join the Elwynnese Union

Post by Castrigo » Sun Jun 09, 2019 2:23 pm


The Governor-Representative for the Imperial Dominion under the Administration of the Iron Company

Announces that the IDAIC and the Elwynnese Republic have formed an agreement. For our company, stability and security is paramount. The conflict in Benacia after the fall of the Imperial Government has caused significant concern. In order to prevent any damages for the daily operation of our company, and the exploitation of the natural resources in Elsenar, we hereby declare that the IDAIC will become part of the Elwynnese Republic.

The Governing board of the Iron Company will remain concerned with the daily administration of Elsenar, as well as independent on areas of trade, resources and taxation.

In the city of Chryste, in the year 1673,

Regina Verion
Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez, President of the National Liberation Council of Los Liberados and Foreign Minister of Batavia

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